Flashback Friday: Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (VIDEO)

Let the count down to New Year’s commence!

As you gear up for the big night, make sure your celebratory ducks are in a row.

Glitzy black-tie attire? Check. Goofy, too-large-for-your-face 2013 glasses? Check. How about a date to kiss at midnight?

If you don’t have that last one locked in, maybe this week’s Flashback Friday will convince you to get a move on.

In honor of the holiday season, we dug up one of the greatest New Years Eve scenes in movie history. Drumroll, please…

Way back in 1989, when Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were budding stars, When Harry Met Sally … sought to answer the age old question, “Can men and women be ‘just friends’?” In the process, they set the bar for romantic comedies to come.

Harry (Crystal) and Sally (Ryan) meet on a post-grad road trip to New York, where they both are beginning their lives. The two fervently disagree about the prospect that male-female relationships can exist without sex, and the ride ends badly. Over time, however, a series of chance encounters lead Harry and Sally back into each other’s lives and, despite their efforts against it, the platonic friend zone lines blur.

It all comes to a head in a climactic New Year’s scene in which Harry ever-so-poetically declares his undying love for Sally just as the clock strikes twelve.

What could be more satisfyingly cheesy than a memory montage of the couple’s relationship? Follow it up with a dramatic, time-sensitive running scene in which Billy Crystal leaps through New York, arriving at the party just in time to deliver the mother of all rom-com speeches to Meg Ryan and live happily ever after. It’s foolproof Hollywood perfection.

So with this movie as your guide, aim to end 2012 with as big of a bang as Harry and Sally.

Whether you’re single or attached this holiday, Celebuzz wishes you a New Year’s as romantic and cliché as this one.

Kick-start your New Years Eve with the Flashback Friday clip above.

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