LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Cuddle Up in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Another day, another bikini! LeAnn Rimes continues to show off her impressive stockpile of body-baring swimwear while on holiday with hubby Eddie Cibrian

Today, the couple were loving up on each other in Hawaii, where they arrived after the holidays. The two have been spotted loving up on each other during their globe-trotting vacation that has taken them from Colorado to Mexico to the Aloha State over the past few weeks.

The couple did cover up during their recent trip to Aspen -- but the PDA kept coming!

Prior to her Hawaiian getaway, the couple was vacationing in Cabo, Mexico, and of course, LeAnn was bikini clad.



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  • omg

    leanne looks like a troll or a skinny alien shes gotta wierd nose, slanty lips and her eyes a far apart, not attractive at all. If youre gonna have an affair eddie at least have 1 with some1 hot. Yikes she is heinous!

  • B

    Why is her ass always so hungry? I can't stand seeing a girl's ass hanging out like that... unless they're in my bed!

  • justaguy

    No...she looks sexy!

  • brikate13

    Why does she always get her bikinis in like a extra small? She looks super trashy!

  • danielleakame

    i think it should be news when she wears clothes. lol she is always in a bikini on some vacation!! haha

  • justaguy

    She has an amazing ass

  • Jamie

    Seems like these 2 are on a different vacation every other week.

  • pak31

    She has the hugest nostrils. Ewww.