Mila Kunis Stuns As New Face of Dior (PHOTOS)

The world's most beautiful women are Dior girls. The fashion house has added another famous face to its impressive roster: Mila Kunis

In shots for the Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign, the 28-year-old actress shows off the new Miss Dior bag. Pretty sweet! Take a first look at the pics here!

"Mila Kunis is a very talented young actress; she embodies the true modern woman. Her performance in Black Swan was remarkable. She is very gifted," Delphine Arnault, deputy general manager at Dior, tells Women's Wear Daily. "We are looking forward to a long relationship with her."

"I’m honestly just learning about fashion," Mila told WWD. "In my daily life, I don’t ear the most feminine pieces. But I love to feel feminine when I’m on the red carpet ... I find that Dior is an incredibly grounded house. I always thought what Dior does is so sophisticated, feminine and beautiful."

Mila's Black Swan costar Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron also both represent Dior. 


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    she is so pretty!