Reader’s Respond: Should ‘Teen Mom 2′ Leah Messer Be Getting Married Again?

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On Wednesday US Weekly reported that Leah Messer, who is featured on MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom 2, is not only pregnant with her third child, but is engaged for a second time.

Leah gave birth to twin girls Aliannah and Aleeah in 2009, and married the girls’ father Corey Simms late last year. However, the 19-year-old cheated on him, so he filed for divorce in April 2011. Now, reports are saying that she is pregnant once again, and is currently engaged to the baby’s father, Jeremy Calvert.

The topic of teen pregnancy (and teens getting married) gets lots of people talking, so we decided to ask our readers on Facebook if they think Leah should be tying the knot again.

Cristina C. said: “Honestly the 3 people who “like” this news are ridiculous! supporting teen pregnancy? really? wow. that sort of thing makes disappointed in the human race :-\”

Jesica A. said: “I don’t know why she is rushing things for. So what if she has a house, job, car etc. most of us do but that doesn’t mean we r all out having babies and getting married right after we meet someone!”

Kori S. said: “Who cares. Worry about your own lives lol..”

Paulina V. said: “I dont know why that show is still on ..should we reward them with media attention because they were stupid enough to have a kid at age of 15?”

Candie G. said: “Its not like she doesn’t have the money to support the baby. If u were rich I’m sure you’d have as many as u wished.”

Erin T. said: “Honestly, this show was suppose to show young girls the problems with having kids at a young age and now it is glorifying it. I have a problem with young people jumping into marriage. It took my husband and I 5 years to make the decision, and yes we have a 4 year old. We didn’t get married because I was pregnant, we waited to see if we were meant to be with each other. These girls think wrong about the honor and love of marriage. It is a disgrace and it doesn’t matter what people say about this whole thing, they are not taking this life serious the way they should.”

Jessica L. said: “I stopped likin her after she cheated on Cory for the second time. I really can’t believe that she has back into another relationship and is in “love” Wayyy to soon to be having another baby. Didn’t she learn anything the first time??”

Karen B. said: “your all very judgemental of someone you dont know”

Great feedback! What do you guys think? Keep the debate going in the comments!

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