Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Date Night in West Hollywood!

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Reunited and it feels so good!

After spending a low key New Years Eve together, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and of course their dog Bear have been spending the first part of 2012 hanging together along with some close friends.

However, Wednesday Kristen and Rob emerged for a date night at the Soho House West Hollywood. So what was their Twilight connection at the exclusive club last night?

New Moon director Chris Weitz held a screening for his critically acclaimed film A Better Life. Kristen and Taylor Lautner went the premiere this summer to support Chris, while Pattinson was away working.

Sources confirm that Rob and Kristen, both casual and "happy together as usual" came out to support, and have some fun while at it! They were spotted laughing and chatting in the upstairs part of the members only club with a group of people.

Glad these two are getting time together away from the paparazzi! 

An excited Robsten fan at the event wrote on her Tumblr ( that she "nearly had a heart attack" when she saw them, adding, "They were with a group of people and so so cute!! Kissing and holding hands. Ugh, I died."



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  • Angelina Yannella
    Angelina Yannella

    Just put it this way... they are together.... they are madly in love, they both never cheat, and they dont let anything or anyone get in their way. There are more believers than haters... so just face it... they might get married and have a kid (crosses fingers) so let them be happy together and stop hating.

  • Diska Eriksson
    Diska Eriksson

    why cant ppl just accept that they are happy and in love

  • N.1 Robsten fan
    N.1 Robsten fan

    What it is with you people?Why do you go on about mental asylums and people takin there meds

  • trish22

    I know what you mean. Some fans on both sides are so crazed, they rip your head off or insult you if you disagree with them. I guess it's nice to know there are some reasonable people out there.

  • Stace

    I disagree (respectfully). They seem to have more of a personal life than other celebs because no one really knows anything. I think of them as Gwynth Paltrow and her hubby. They are very private in regards to their relationsihip. The only difference is that she and her husband never starred in anything together that allowed their coupledom to be combined with their work. That is the biggest issue with R/K. They will never be left alone no matter if they admit it publicly or not. The tabloids will continue to plaster their faces on covers with break-ups, make-ups, etc. Brad and Angelina are not left alone and they have been together for years. Some of the hype has died down because of time. Once BD2 is out and the whole Twilight thing is done, the speculation will die down some. They seem to realize this and I think it is wise of them to keep quiet. Who wants to speak about their personal relationship or confirm/deny it when it just leads to more speculation? By not speaking about it, they are keeping their private life, private. PS - It is nice to discuss a topic with someone with a differing opinion and not fight. You seem to put a lot of thought into your responses, which is great.

  • trish22

    But because the keep everything a secret, they can't have a personal life. If they just admitted it, went out in public a few times actually looking like they like being near each other, and basically made it official, nobody would care anymore. No more press following them hoping to get the "money shot" of them kissing or holding hands. They keep bringing on all the scrutiny by being so secretive. It's no accident, They have to know what they're doing.

  • Stace

    I think the exact opposite. I think they are using the 'whole secrecy thing' to have some semblance of a personal life and because it is no one's business but their own. They have stated as much in interviews. To me they seem to not want to be known for who they are dating, but to have an actual career. *shrug*

  • Chaysee

    do mental hospitals have computers?

  • fiore

    I'm glad R and K have supporters like you and many others, that are respectful, positive and thank God, articulate! Reading all the love for them made it easier to ignore all the haters. There's nothing wrong in expressing your opinion, but being hateful and mean just shows immaturity and lack of intelligent. By the way, Rob is not a cheater. *high five with nanci*

  • Lexi

    Geez, you crazies need a life. Leave Rob and Kristen alone and stop reading stupid gossips and tabloids. There has been no proof of either one cheating. Both seem serious and dedicated to one another and that's all that matters. So who cares what a bunch of bitter women are typing on their computers.

  • Lynn

    Kristen & Taylor attended the premiere. A public event, loaded with tv crews and paparazzi. Rob & Kristen attended a party, at SoHo House, a private club. Key word, private.

  • trish22

    Once again, it's the secrecy behind the whole thing that makes it questionable. I think both sides can make a point that they're right. Whether they are dating or not, I think they're now using this whole secrecy thing to keep their names relevent. I think they'll keep this game going as long as they can.

  • nanci

    Yes Patti B. I am a staunch supporter of R & K and you are correct. I am one who writes as clearly & properly as possible when commenting even though I make mistakes now and again. "Gramatical correctness" is so lacking these days. I make an effort to only post positive comments as I found responding to negative stories or haters is a waste of time. People are going to think what they want no matter what argument you make to them. Anyway, R & K are not only supportive of Chris, but they went to see "Red Ridding Hood" in Canada to support Catherine Hardwicke. I suspect they will also show their support to Bill Condon in the future as well. They are good people and show it to those closest to them. BTW - HE DIDN'T CHEAT!!!

  • Julie M.
    Julie M.

    I don't know why we have to care all the time. They should be able to have lives that we don't know about. We're fans not family. Shame on that "fan" for Tumblr-ing about them. Let them have some time out of the spotlight.

  • Cat

    Sweetie learn English okay?

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Loved your response!!!!

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Pathetic - you are simply pathetic. Hope your little fantasy world catches up with you and you get sued for slander. I honestly feel very sorry for you. How can you have so much hatred and spew such vitriol for people you have never ever met in your life? You know nothing. Your anger suggests that you need some serious intervention. I hope you get some help. Its one thing to come on here and joke around - but you crossed the line.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Nikki who is MARRIED - or is there another Nikki?

  • Lala

    WOW. you are incredible. Do you sit around all day reading these pitiful magazines and believing every single word it says? or are you naive or simply just plain stupid? Maybe your hobby's to surf the web and criticize Robsten any chance that you get.You know, Robsten might be reading this right now and they'd probably be laughing at your pathetic comment. People like you need to grow up and GET A LIFE.

  • Laarni

    As far as I know, Soho House is exclusive to members and guests only. Taking pictures are not allowed. Kristen and Taylor attended the premiere, not a private screening.

  • summerlover

    Please think before you speak, he was never caught with any girl.. he was out with a group of friends and of course, magazines looking for stories said he was cheating and a thousand other stories of nonsence.. plus he knows better than that, theyve been together for quite the long time for kristen to be with him every second of everyday.. who says he cant go out with his friends? no one. and hey it seems like kristen is ok with it so let it be. they clearly trust eachother.. as simple as that.

  • summerlover

    oh dear.. could you actually USE your brain? first of all the are NOT "just friends" because i dont think shed spend $12,000 on a "friend" you dont see kristen spending $12,000 on taylor or ashley, or jackson do you? And i dont think "friends " kiss and hold hands either , do they sweatheart? secondly, you only see kristen and taylor at the event because they are the ones that went while rob was working, cant you read? And hun go do something else besides critize and waste your time hating on people , life is short, enjoy it .

  • pfft

    Wont be long til he's spotted/reported flirting with some bimbos again. Predictable.

  • Lisa

    only idiots who say robsten not a couple! * see nonsten damn * you say rob chat, rob gay, rob with dumb blonde but what happened to rob always end up with KRISTEN, ALWAYS WITH KRISTEN! * you are the idiot and pathetic nonsten, always have a theory that crap and make me laugh *

  • Lisa

    yaaaay i'm happy for Robsten...ROBSTEN FOREVER! only idiots who say robsten not a couple! * see nonsten damn * chat you say rob, rob gay, rob with dumb blonde but what happened to rob always end up with KRISTEN, ALWAYS WITH KRISTEN! * you are the idiot and pathetic nonsten, always have a theory that crap and make me laugh *

  • lol

    @hanna, you need to get a clue.

  • Jemma

    LOL. Oh really? Dream on with your Nonsten dreams, cupcake.

  • Hanna

    Amen sister. You got it right. KRisten needs to dump him, and reconnect his friendship with Nikki.

  • Hanna

    Mercy, Lots of pictures when Kristen and Taylor supported Chris but not a single photo of Kristen and Rob supporting Chris. WHy not? Because it did not happen.

  • Hanna

    Once again, this was a show business-related outing to support a mutual friend and former director, and not a real date. Robsten ended this summer.They are moving on and now is just friendship. People need to get it.

  • Patti B.
    Patti B.

    What in the world makes you think that proper grammar, correct spelling and clear sentence structure is not needed when you want to express yourself? Has anyone else noticed that supporters of Rob and Kristin are generally more articulate than the haters? Rob and Kristin are obviously very intelligent. Perhaps that's why other intelligent people admire them.

  • eat all your food
    eat all your food

    need no grammer on the internet when gossiping and he is a fool

  • justarobfan

    This story brought to you by Twitter stalking. Pictures of these date nights never get out but the stories are labeled as truth.. Rob is a nice guy and deserves to be happy.

  • Wow

    It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, than to open it and prove it. Wise words you might want to consider using. Your statement is completely moronic and makes absolutely no sense. Maybe spend a little less time obsessing over 2 people you detest and a little more time working on your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I hope you are not over the age of 12. Truly.

  • chris

    You're spiraling. Quickly go ask the doctor at your insane asylum for your meds. Now! GO!

  • chris

    Someone needs to go take their meds....

  • eat all your food
    eat all your food

    Robert is a DOG User Big USER and KRisten needs to KNow that her little girl frame was not enough to turn on Bill in the shower sence YOur daddy raised a Hoe and Pattinson MOM did not want him stick you in the side with pins ASSSHoeee

  • xxxxxx

    they are a real nice couple

  • xxxxxx

    Its sad that people like you, are aloud to use a Computer..all u do is slander without having the smallest clue what u are talking about....its just good that R and K do not read your pathetic rant..go back to your mental hospital..they are looking for you

  • fundiness

    Who the hell let you out the insane asylum? You need to go back and continue your shock therapy and dont believe everything you read or hear about other people's relationship.

  • Duh

    In order to be labeled a 'cheating dirtbag' you have to be in a relationship. Last I checked neither Rob nor Kristen have actually confirmed that they are in a relationship. Sure, it may seem like they are but neither of them have actually confirmed or denied it. Until they do both are free to do whatever they'd like without being called a cheater. Simple fact

  • jella

    just leave em alone.... there happy

  • Crystal

    WOW Rob did not cheat on Kristen ass. He was spotted with a girl and a few other friends. What he can`t have friends that our girls??? They are just friends. He is in love with Kristen and adores her. So just shut your mouth you dumbass

  • nina

    please take your meds. Your crazy is showing.

  • crzo

    hey, s*ckit you are rigth at the end after all .They deserve each other for the love they have together.

  • Nono

    Wow, unless you are their personal shrink, I get a life, or better yet, admit yourself to hospital!!

  • Dilly

    These two have always supported Chris Weitz in his endeavors. If Kristenis out of town and Chris nerds them somewhere then Robert shows up if he can. Either way, they have always been very supportive of Chris after he was their director in New Moon.

  • s*ckit

    She'd better make him use protection or he's liable to give her a nasty case of that notorious Hollywood herpes strain everybody has got and who knows what else. Kristen wants to be stupid and stay with this as*hole after she said to be true to yourself and don't tolerate as*holes then that's her problem. I've always hated Rob and seen him for the POS he really is. I'm done with her now too. He's a coked out lying manwh*re who will never change and she's a love blind naive fool. They deserve each other.

  • s*ckit

    Rob is a cheating dirtbag. I can't believe after he cheated with Sarah when he'd just left Kristen in London 3 days prior and then was out getting wasted with Tom's ex Nettie on Christmas Eve in London (after Kristen had JUST dropped $12,000 on guitars for him I might add) that she would take him back. Kristen is a lying fake. She says she wouldn't tolerate unfaithfulness from someone but then she stays with slime like this for THREE F*CKING YEARS!? I cannot believe her. He is trash and she is so dumb.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Let's hope it's true,.,,

  • c

    Rob is great. I hope he's having a great life.