Russell Brand Speaks On Monogamy & Sobriety Following His Split From Katy Perry

Katy & Russell Bike
Couple takes a ride in NYC
It’s been less than a week since news hit that Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry, and on Thursday, he chatted about monogamy and his journey through sobriety on comedian Marc Maron’s podcast WTF, his first interview since the separation. 

Russell, 36, admitted while talking about his addiction and the 12-step program that he has been known to “fall into women.” The Get Him to the Greek star reflected on his wilder days, pre Katy, saying, “There were women in the bed all the time, and there’d be crossovers. … I created this union. It was like this revolution from nothing.” He said this phase quickly ended with the crying women and “running mascara.”

The Arthur actor chatted about his love of meditating, disclosing that he sometimes thinks, “[Sometimes I go], ‘It’s a bit sad, isn’t it, that I can’t do whatever I want. Why can’t I f*** everybody?'” He later described himself as a “broken hammer”, admitting,  “I’m starting to realize I prefer my performance me over my actual me.”

He also confessed that he can be difficult at times and tends to believe he’s always right. “For me, I have a singular vision. … I’m indistinguishable from my most horrible flaws.”

Though he didn’t speak on Katy and his divorce filing, he did disclose quite candidly his life struggles. What do you think of the hour-long conversation? Does it give some insight into Russell and Katy’s estranged marriage?