Channing Tatum’s Wife Raves He’s ‘A Great Stripper’

Joe Talks 'Magic Mike'
Manganiello spills on sexy role
Surely we aren’t the only ones who are counting down the days until Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and every hot guy ever strip down on the big screen in Magic Mike. But one girl in the know says Channing has the best moves…although she might be a bit biased.

“He’s amazing. He’s a great stripper!” Jenna Dewan, 31, told Us Weekly about her husband at the LA premiere of Haywire. “I should ask for more [private dances].”

Director Steven Soderbergh added that there is “enough male skin in [Magic Mike] this to make up for a century of discrepancy.”

“It’s really fun. They are worse than women,” Soderbergh, 48, said about the boys caring about their looks. “They made sure that when they showed up, they looked amazing. They were all competitive. It was hilarious. But they looked great.”

Can’t believe it, but even more excited to see this movie now!