Exclusive: ‘Twilight’ Musical Will Have Robert Pattinson ‘Spitting With Laughter’

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Rob and Kristen get naughty on set.
Mark your calendars Twi-hards! Twilight: The Musical is coming to New York for one night only! According to the press notes, the musical, which parodies the books and films, “examines our culture’s obsession with the supernatural through the story of Bella Swan who risks everything when she embarks on a star-crossed romance with Vampire Edward Cullen.”

Celebuzz was able to chat with Jenna Leigh Green, who plays both Rosalie and Esme Cullen (as well as Hermione. Yes, there’s a Harry Potter twist!) in the show. So is she ready to take on the Twi-hards? The actress tells us:

“This show is going to appeal to the lovers and haters. Let’s be honest, it’s a ridiculous saga,” she said, clarifying that she’s a huge Twilight fan. “As awesome and as silly as it is, I’ve read all the books and all the movies. As soon as I heard Twilight: The Musical, I said, ‘Yes!’… But when you really think about the whole story, it is ridiculous. I mean, a girl willing to die for her vampire boyfriend? Seriously?!”

Although the musical does poke fun at the franchise, Jenna believes the Twilight movie cast would thoroughly enjoy the parody, even challenging them to attend and laugh at themselves and the franchise.

“Everyone has to have a sense of humor about everything they’re a part of. I’d assume that the actors involved in the series are proud of their work, but at the same time, I would guess they all have a huge sense of humor about it… Like if Robert Pattison or Kristen Stewart came to the show, I think they’d be spitting with laughter. It’s all in good fun,” she added.

In the musical, which is set in the same vein as 39 Steps, Jenna and the cast will be playing multiple roles, quickly changing within the same scene. The musical won’t just be about vampires though. Jenna reveals there’s a Harry Potter twist, hinting that Harry, Ron and Hermione all make a “significant appearance,” which includes  “a bit of a power struggle.”

Although Twilight: The Musical has some people up in arms, Jenna explains that “it’s not the end of the world.”

“It’s light-hearted and fun. We are laughing at and loving the series all at the same time. It’s meant to poke fun at our society and our obsession with the series. Honestly, it’ll be a night of hysterical laughter,” she said.

This musical will take place on Jan. 16 at 8 PM at New World Stages. For more information, visit www.thetwilightmusical.com. Proceeds will benefit Blessings in a Backpack, a program designed to feed elementary school children whose families qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Price Meal program, but have little to no food on the weekends.

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