Fashion on the Fly: Josh Hutcherson Goes Comfy Casual (PHOTOS)

'Hunger Games' Trivia
Do you know 'Hunger Games'? Prove it!
With The Hunger Games slowly getting closer and closer to its March 23 release, Josh Hutcherson better get all of the rest and relaxation he can before the film’s big push starts — and that’s exactly what he seemed to be doing over the past few days.

The Hunger star, 19, was spotted making his way through Vancouver International Airport on Thursday, and despite being one of 2012’s breakout stars for sure, Josh was seen lugging his own bags through the terminal like any one of us would. With a pair of aviator sunglasses and a leather jacket covering up his t-shirt, Josh looked like he was ready to head home to the warm weather of Los Angeles for a bit of motorcycle time (Fun fact: He loves to ride). Also at the airport with Josh was The Ringer star Zoey Deutch, 17.

In a recent interview with Celebuzz to kick off our 100 Days of Hunger Games campaign, Josh spoke about his upcoming turn as Peeta in The Hunger Games, and also about his costars who will be sharing the spotlight with him.

“Jennifer’s portrayal of Katniss is so spot on,” Josh said, complimenting his costar Jennifer Lawrence. “She really does encapsulate Katniss’ strength as a heroine perfectly. She to me is the one that stands out immediately.”

So who would win a real-life Hunger Games: Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, or Josh?

“That’s a tough question, honestly. I grew up playing outside, playing in the woods. I’m very into camping and survivalist kinda things. I watch a lot of Man Vs. Wild, so I feel like I’m well prepared in that sense. It would be a close one,” Josh smiled. “I might be a frontrunner in that battle, I’m not sure!”