Flashback Friday: Nick Cannon in Drag! (VIDEO)

Nick in 'Good Spirits'
Mimi tweets Nick's latest health update.
Nick in Aspen
Cannon bundles up for the holidays.
Celebuzz is sending a get well card to Nick Cannon, who has been suffering a kidney-related health issue that landed him in the hospital this week. Wife Mariah Carey has been updating fans on his prognosis, saying he’s in good spirits and doing well — although he is still in the charge of the hospital and may be kept there for a couple more days.

Nick is known for his high energy and sense of humor, so it seems only fitting that today’s Flashback Friday features him in drag, doing a hilarious skit on the classic Nickelodeon show All That.

In the skit, he and pre-SNL fame Kenan Thompson play employees at the Inconvenience Mart, where the customer is always their last concern. Look for an appearance by Amanda Bynes too!

All That ran for 10 seasons, making its debut December 24, 1994. The last episode aired on October 22, 2005. The show featured comedy sketches and musical guests. The success of the series led to several spin-offs for its stars, including The Nick Cannon Show. That’s a little TV history lesson!

Get well soon, Nick!

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