Kissing Connection: Ryan Gosling's Hot Hollywood Hookups (VIDEO)

Despite People's proclamation that Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive, Celebuzz and most of the Hollywood-loving world feels otherwise and thinks that Ryan Gosling is the hands-down hottest.

And while Ryan's starpower continues to rise with each year and each performance, so does his list of real-life leading ladies. Did you know that one of his first Hollywood relationships was actually with Sandra Bullock? And, of course, his off-screen romance with Rachel McAdams sent anyone who read or saw The Notebook swooning -- but what about everyone in between? Who's been lucky enough to be on Ryan's arm? We've got it all broken down.

Watch the video above to take a journey through Ryan's romantic life, and be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and let us know in the comments below if you'd want to be one of Ryan's ladies.




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  • diana

    I forgot he dated Sandra Bullock. she is one lucky lady. well except for that whole mess with the jessie james dude.