Tina Fey Turned Alec Baldwin On To Word Game Before Airport Incident (VIDEO)

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Tina Fey may be to blame for Alec Baldwin getting kicked off an American Airlines flight for playing Words With Friends on his smart phone late this past year. The 30 Rock star admitted on Thursday to David Letterman that she was the one that introduced her costar to the addictive word game. 

“Alec, bless his heart, he had some trouble on the plane a few weeks ago,” Tina said on the Late Show. “Last spring I said to [Alec], ‘Hey, there’s this really fun game called Words With Friends’…” However, Tina isn’t too happy with Alec regarding Words with Friends.

“I didn’t think he got it, because he’s never invited me to play him! But apparently he did buy it,” Tina said, referring to his airport drama. “Real fun game.”

Alec recently poked fun of the incident on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update when he showed up impersonating an American Airlines pilot. In the tongue-in-cheek sketch, the 30 Rock star claimed that the actor (himself) is a “national treasure” and that he only slammed the plane’s lavatory door because he was playing a “word game for smart people.” Check out the video below.

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