Shirtless Justin Bieber Hits the Beach in Los Cabos (PHOTOS)

That sound you hear is the collective swoon of Justin Bieber fans in Los Cabos, Mexico. The idol of millions walked among the beach goers as he no doubt caused many hearts to flutter -- and camera shutters to snap in his direction!

Style-wise, JB kept it casual in a pair of blue board shorts that tied at the waist.

Earlier this week, the Biebs spent some quality time with his pops. The two hit up an indoor trampoline play place, had lunch and hit the beach. 



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  • Mrs.Bieber (Olivia)
    Mrs.Bieber (Olivia)

    Stop and shut the f*** up!!! THIS IS FOR BELIBERS SO STOP POSTING STUFF LIKE THAT!!! Luv u Justin will u marry me PLEASE??!!

  • Robin

    I think in the Grammys people sholud express themselves and the perfect example is LADY GAGA. She expresses herself through her clothing practically everyday. She isn't afraid. She is a leader. And any other celebrities that arn't afraid to be leaders I wish you good luck. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE.

  • Nadirra

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  • Hena

    The timing is ltneaircy interesting. Kimmie Kakes had to have known her sister was pregnant when she decided to ditch her faux spouse.Maybe Lurch wasn't so compliant & complicit after all. Bet she was steamed that she wasn't the one who'd be registering for KKK baby items.Hmmm . names for the almost-baby .. Kash Kardashian-Humphries, Kristopher, Kassie, Kwazie .. What a Katastrophe!


    i HATE YOU

  • felecia

    omg justin bieber is so hot and his body is so hot and all the people that says he's gay is so not true justin bieber is strait and slena gomaz is so lucky to be dateing him : )

  • brandy

    so sext!!!!!

  • brandy

    u dont call him amelnourished child! he isnt u r!!!!!!!

  • stephbieber

    Hot.. <33

  • elizabeth

    why the hell do you think it's okay to say that? gosh.

  • elizabeth

    Telling a skinny person to eat is as bad as telling an overweight person not to eat, you bastard.

  • Summer

    Ewwwwww...stop already with the shemales...

  • RobN

    Yeah, but most of his fans are only 11 years old.

  • SH

    he needs to eat some food and bulk up. He looks like a melnourished child. Please put your shirt back on.

  • MsA

    He has been on more vacations in the last two months, than most of his fans have in their lifetimes.

  • courtneybaaaby

    he has a body of a 8 year old.