The Week in Celeb Twit-pics (PHOTOS)

'Glee' High School Pics
The cast of 'Glee' before they were stars!
This week, many Hollywood actors returned to work on their beloved television shows. Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and the rest of the Glee gang met their new Spanish teacher, Ricky Martin. Zooey Deschanel joined a doo-wop band on the New Girl set. Meanwhile, Community star Danny Pudi did a little spring cleaning around Greendale.

Who else started off their 2012 on Twitter? Find out in this week’s installment of celebrity twit-pics!

Although he didn’t tweet any photos this week, Kanye West did cause quite a ruckus on Twitter when he hit up the site to air his ramblings. On Wednesday night, the rapper tweeted about everything from his dream to start an entertainment company to his late mother’s disapproval of his bad grammar. 

Check out some of his best tweets of all time in the gallery below!