Fan Gets a Date with Jason Segel After Asking Him Out on YouTube

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Remember when Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake met up with their fans after being asked out on YouTube? Well, meet your newest celebrity date, Jason Segel!

The How I Met Your Mother actor invited Chelsea Gill to accompany him to an award ceremony after she serenaded him in an online video. The young fan penned a song to Segel, begging the celeb to “just have a drink with [her] before this year ends.”

Jason was so impressed by her singing chops that he took both Chelsea and her twin sister to the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards on Saturday.

At the event, Jason was also graced with the Commedia Extraordinaire Award. 

The funnyman later tweeted a backstage photo with his dates, saying:

Chelsea Gill (who wrote the great song) and her twin sister and I at the Comedy awards. I’m not sure which is which

Want to date a celebrity? Learn from the best and check out Chelsea’s song to Jason in the video below!

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