Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Stun at Critics Circle Awards in NYC (PHOTOS)

These two never disappoint on the red carpet!

While attending the 77th Annual New York Film Critics Awards Gala on Monday evening, Brad Pitt and his longtime love Angelina Jolie each looked impeccable as they posed for photos on the red carpet. Brad was dapper in a suit, while Angie looked glamourous in a white blouse and tight black leather skirt.

Palm Springs, the big apple -- this jet setting couple is all over the place!

Over the weekend, Brangelina stepped out at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Check out the photos below!

Take a look at the rest of the photos of this fab duo in the gallery!


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  • Vicky

    Impeccable????? They look old and worn out, I thought science could work mirakles with so wealthy people..

  • twinklemepink06

    AJ usually looks better. Her face seems pale and sunken, still gorgeous though. I want to put some bright lipstick on her.

  • Maisie

    Um, Kris, FYI, Brad Pitt IS "actually Injured," hence the cane. He injured his ACL while protecting his daughter Vivian in a fall. He is NOT trying to be a "true dandy." As for their "pinched and stressed" and "fading fast" looks--sheesh. We should ALL be so lucky as to look like these two.

  • wen

    angie so pretty love herrrrrrrrrrr

  • Kris Malloy
    Kris Malloy

    They look tense and uncomfortable, at least in these pics. Angelina looks very chic. Brad looks slightly unkempt, though MUCH better than he has been looking. What is with the cane? You have to be a true dandy (much more elegant than Brad Pitt) or actually injured to pull this off. Angelina looks positively pinched and stressed. Still, very beautiful, of course. Pitt's looks are fading fast. He doesn't look like he leads a healthy life, which is incredibly sad. He should look like he....does! Lots of children and lots of work. So, what then? Looks like one of those events they aren't that into? Was Angelina's film in it? to both of them and their family. Love.

  • Felicity

    Rumor is they smell like urine most of the time. How romantic, huh?

  • Bigcox

    Pitt could use a good scrubbing. He's just nasty....

  • Summer

    He looks like hammered sh**

  • glo

    they are pretty goodlooking, but i think angelina looked way more beautiful when she had some meat on her bones, just sayin, and she almost looks like she has a baby bump?!