Elizabeth Banks Dishes About ‘Hunger Games,’ Haymitch & Haters

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With a few more months until the Hunger Games’ release, any little juicy detail is able to whet our appetite. Thanks to Elizabeth Banks, who plays the colorful District 12 escort Effie Trinket, fans are getting a lot more insight into the highly anticipated film, which hits theaters March 23.

In a new interview with Huffington Post, Banks dishes about playing Effie, defends the film’s adult themes and even confessed that working with Woody Harrelson, who plays Haymitch, was a “great sort of love affair.”

“I’m excited for people to see that too. Because we worked really hard — there was not a lot in the script interaction-wise and we made a lot out of that relationship. Our characters really don’t like each other. But we also have to work together, so it’s that push-pull. It’s like any great sort of love affair — there’s a lot of love-hate between us,” she revealed.

Banks even tackled the tougher questions about walking a fine line when creating a movie for kids — that’s based on kids killing other kids.

“The Hunger Games is so timely because it’s about the overthrow of a totalitarian society and I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening worldwide right now. To me the message is that revolution can come from one person, an act of kindness by one person. I think it’s really important to tell kids that they matter, that individuals matter, and that everyone counts,” she said.

Although Banks is proud of her portrayal of the pink-haired escort Effie, she hopes fans aren’t disappointed.

“A fun part of being an actor and a chameleon is taking on those looks. Effie has a really theatrical, over-the-top, completely not me look to her. I’m very excited for people to see my portrayal… I really don’t want people to be disappointed — I’m a fan of the books myself, so of course I just want to be faithful and do right by her. But I loved Effie. I loved playing it, I loved how it came out, I’m really proud of it, so any of the haters, I’m just going to ignore,” she added.