Miley Cyrus Goes Wild in New 'LOL' Trailer (VIDEO)

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Miley Cyrus is back on the big screen! The actress/singer stars alongside Demi Moore and Ashley Greene in a new coming age story LOL about a teen named Lola, played by Miss Miley. 

Lola gets a little wild at times, even jet-setting off to Paris to see her boyfriend. The film is an adaptation of a French film of the same name. The IMDB description reads: 

In a world connected by YouTube, iTunes, and Facebook, Lola and her friends navigate the peer pressures of high school romance and friendship while dodging their sometimes overbearing and confused parents.
Do you think you'll be seeing this movie when it hits theaters this year? Play movie critic in the comments. Also, if you're interested in getting a glimpse of the French version of the story, check out the trailer below.


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  • Eff

    You know that it's the same director on this movie as it was on the French??

  • Marjolein

    Leave Bo alone,Leave Miley alone! OMG,haters are so dumb,if u really hate her,why do you spend ur time with posting a comment full with crap? Idiots,get a life,if you think you can hurt Miley behind a fucking computer,than you must a sick asshole. MILEY CYRUS IS DA QUEEN,THIS MOVIE WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST IN THE HISTORY! CAUSE WE SMILERS ARE ALWAYS READY TO SUPPORT MILEY RAY CYRUS. Ps: I'm Dutch too,oftewel: Ik ben ook Nederlands:)

  • Bo

    Ahhahahaa if you've read my Message... I said it's legal in my country to do so.. So it's pretty obvious i'm not American..FYI i'm Dutch (excited for the replies hahah). However call me stupid.. i could care less.. cause you don't even know me.. This is what i provided when i talked about the judgmental society.. you just gave the perfect example, thank you! I don't encourage people to smoke marijuana.. i just meant to say that people who have tried once, are not directly bad people.

  • jill

    oh and smoking mj is a great way to show people your not afraid of what they think?well that just make you more stupid you are american.cause you are retarded!

  • Bo

    1... i'm not a teen anymore. 2.. I'm not like her nor do i try to be like her, because i don't have too.. i'm a proud individual, proud of who i am, but i really do respect her in many ways.. how she lives her own life while she's in the public eye & gets judged by people, like you, for everything she does.. that makes it almost impossible to live a normal life.. i don't go with "yeah, but that's what celebrities chose for".. no they don't. They chose to do what they love most, making music, acting, making a change, etc. Most celebrities let their lives be influenced by being in the public eye.. and that's sad..but true, because that's what people like you do to them. And 3, indeed i smoked marijuana several times..but probably before she'd ever done it.. and that's nothing to be proud of yet to be ashamed of.. nor am i addicted.. unlike what people always suggest, it's by far not addictive to everyone. I didn't do it to look badass, i did it to discover what it's like, i did it because i simply can, i did it because it's not as bad as everyone thinks it is, i did it because i am not afraid of what other people think about me. Maybe my opinion is different, because in my country it's legal to do so.. so no one really cares. Tell me.. what did you notice in my previous message that shows my level of stupidity? What exactly defines the level of stupidty for you? Or did you just use that because you couldn't come up with something better? I just don't get this judgmental society.. because i think the haters are just as obsessed as the fans are.. because if you truly didn't care.. you didn't care what people who do like her write her in the comments.. nor would you try to bring her down.

  • harper

    the only possible way i am gonna watch this is if you are gonna slit my throat take my eyeballs off of me. skin me alive and put salt in it..thats right. I'd be dead first before patronize that skank

  • jessica

    aaaaahhh..a pathetic one. no wonder you look up to her cause you have the same level of stupidity. well im pretty sure you are one of them teens who look up to her and wanna be like know hang out there titties do marijuana like it is the most badass shit there is.LOL! do you even know how pathetic people look at girls like you?

  • ez

    you mean little girls look up to her,she is talented but her acting is bad. she should just stick to singing

  • cookie


  • Bo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA you're such a joke. I can imagine people having different opinions about what a great actress or singer contains.. but she has known & still knows great success & became popular for some reason.. maybe because people look up to her because she's a great person, talented & wants the best for humanity. Either way she turned out better than all of her haters so far.. probably her haters, hate on her for that reason.

  • mika

    oh a crappy movie again.starred by a slut. she is such a try hard just to look cool and hot but successfully fails at it.honey its either you got it or you dont and you unfortunately don't have it. we know you are growing up and we dont need to see your boobs and vajayjay hanging out just to know that.we aren't morons like you. i'm pretty sure whoever will watch this films are spoiled teen moronic sluts. Wake up people! The HORROR! she may have been one of the top earning teens but that doesnt prove she is good as an actress or singer. There are just a lot of Stupid teenagers populating the earth and i am trying my best to fight the urge of killing these people!

  • Bo

    And you know this movie represents her life because.. You're a relative, former friend or any other insider? Or most likely you just believe every story the media makes up & blows up.. All the things she did, most teenagers with a little need to live a normal life do. Only the things she does get under a magnifying glass because she's famous. I respect her for the fact that she doesn't hold herself back from discovering what's out there only because she's in the public eye.. American society is so overprotective that it increases the narrowness.. Everything is bad, to be ashamed of.. it seems that no one lives his own life anymore, but is too preoccupied with judging those of others.

  • dave1001

    The only way I'd want to see this is if there's a scene of Miley taking it from behind in the, now that I'd pay to see!

  • Emily9376093

    That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the trailer too! No need 2 make ur whole life story one screen Miley, we get it.

  • Vick56

    OHHHHH, I get why she decided to star in a self-obsorbed, teen, sex, drug and the use of computer slang like L.O.L movie!!! Because it's MILEY'S LIFE STORY PUT INTO A MOVIE! I feel bad for the people who are willing to pay to see this junk

  • Katie

    Can I point out that most of her fans are at least 16 now. They may have been 12 when she was on Hannah Montana but that was 4 years ago, even more, when she started that. Her fans grew up too, not jut her! And younger people (8 year olds and such) don't really follow her anymore now that they don't often play Hannah Montana. She has to move on, and she is! They tried to make Shirley Temple stay a child star for longer than possible and do you know what that did? Nothing, except lose money. She's being a teenager. She's turning 19. She doesn't have to babysit 8 year old fans. She can do what she wants.

  • tigertaint

    the french version looks better.

  • Bo

    What's your point? Screaming the hardest you don't want to waste time on her or her movie.. but yet you do.. & you know & you regret because you feel ashamed.. A little contradictory don't you think? Why are you so worried about what others decide to do.. you don't even know them, so why the vicarious shame?

  • Noah

    Demi Moore... finally playing a role that fits her: a mom.

  • gagui

    the french version was quite entertaining..

  • ez

    the original will always be the best,directors need to stop remaking films cos all they do is ruin them

  • Dana

    Stupid, pointless film starring stupid, pointless people. Anyone who goes to see it is a brainless sheep. Miley Cyrus is just another example of a marginally talented teenage girl stringing out her fame by being as skanky as possible. I'm ashamed of myself for reading this trash but more ashamed of those who will pay to see this garbage.

  • livesinafairytale

    This looks amazing! I don't agree with some choices Miley's made in the past, but she's really grown up a lot and become a beautiful young woman. She's gonna be great in this film.

  • Marian

    She looks amazing in this and I just can't wait to see the film (:

  • L

    Here is the link in french with english subtitles.

  • Ahmed

    WTF BITCH ? this FINISHED shooting in 2010, 2 years ago, in 2010 Miley made $ 65 Millions according to Forbes, which means she was at the TOP of the TOP, honey, she didn't and still doesn't need attention... she makes news every week either its for a vaca with her Beau, charity in Haiti, or just a stunning dress she wore at an award show and she didn't do any kind of work for like 10 months, but people (like me) just won't get over her, honey, she's got enough attention already ! Oh and FYI this IS PG-13, it has a sex scene, lesbian kiss, smoking and drinking, wtf do u want her to do ? cover Playboy ?

  • sandy

    omg omg i am so excited :D she looks fabulous, i love her clothes i can't wait for this movie to come out !

  • Louise

    Miley Cyrus just did this for attention. If she was serious about acting, she'd choose to do something that appealed to people above the age of 13. Sick of seeing her parading about in her bra with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. EVERYONE smokes nowadays, she's not impressing anyone. Also, that trailer for the original LOL is dubbed in German :S