'The Hunger Games' Book Club--Chapter 9! (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games countdown. Today we bring you chapter 9 of our book club, and must confess it may be one of my favorite chapters in the book!

It's finally time for the TV interviews. Remember, Peeta was asked to be coached separately and Katniss learns why.

We get a huge revelation at the end of the chapter, so dive on in and check it out!

Missed chapter 8? No problem! Check it out right here.

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  • Angie

    I think to class Peeta<3 and Gale as teams isn't really... right at least not for the first book because you know Peeta so much better than Gale. Like you get to know Peeta from him and everything he does but all you hear of Gale is the beginning and the rest is what Katniss thinks. Course I love Peeta<3 though.... All the way....

  • Leigha

    Ahhh I love this chapter! I agree that there shouldn't be a whole "Team this and team that" but, it's inevitable that there will be. As much as most people hate the whole picking sides, there will always be those few fans who will say that. I mean, with such a widespread audience and fanbase, it's gonna happen somewhere one way or another.

  • me:)

    ^ exactly the hunger games fandom is not like the twilight fandom we do not say team peeta or team gale....Just to fill you in because if you say it again get ready to hear from the fandom....

  • ada

    Team peeta! arghh, she said team peeta! >:( *headdesk*