Viola Davis: I Want Sandra Bullock as My In-Law!

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Viola Davis attended Audi’s Golden Globe kick off party at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood on Sunday night, where she raved about motherhood…and Sandra Bullock!

Since adopting her little girl, Viola’s maternal instinct has kicked in big time. If she has her way, she would love for her daughter to get together with Sandra’s son Louis!

“Louis would be the one,” she told us on the carpet when asked what Hollywood kid she would like her little girl to go out with. “Sandra is the most loving, fun mother. Just fantastic. It would definitely be Louis if I could pick–I want her as an in-law!”

Davis’ match-making didn’t stop there…

Her Help costar Octavia Spencer was honored at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala over the weekend, and during her acceptance speech she alerted the crowd- specifically Brad Pitt and George Clooney- that she is indeed single.

“I’d be real specific if I were to set someone up with Octavia,” laughed Viola.”You need a very specific man for Octavia. She most definitely would be a Brad [Pitt] girl if he were single.”

With awards season in full swing a lot of eyes will be on The Help, and Viola said she attributes the film’s success to such a strong, female cast–something Hollywood needs a bit more of.

“They need more females, they need more people of color they need everything,” Davis told us. “I think the world is changing and I think we want to see our own images on screen. There are a whole lot more women than men, and a lot more women of color than we think.”

Best of luck to the ladies of The Help at this Sunday’s Golden Globe awards!