Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux & Orlando Bloom Attend 'Paradise' Screening in LA (PHOTO)


What a random (but enjoyable!) trio!

While attending a screening for HBO's Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory in LA on Tuesday, a photo was snapped of Jennifer Aniston, her beau Justin Theroux and Orlando Bloom. Accompanying them were actor Jason Baldwin and director Joe Berlinger.

So, what is Paradise all about?

According to IMDB, it's a documentary about:
"A further investigation into the arrest of three teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of killing three young boys in Arkansas and spent nearly 20 years in prison before being released because DNA evidence proved their innocence."
Sounds intriguing! We're not 100% sure why they were there, but we bet it had something to do with supporting some film making friends!

Check out a trailer for the documentary below.

Are you glad Jen and Justin are still going strong? We know we are! Sound off in the comments!



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  • sami

    seen the movie , and the dna was not any of the men , but one of the boys step fathers ,

  • honeybunn

    Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant.? If true what a blessing. Jen don't worry about getting married. If it is meant to be it will happen. when are you going to announce this wonderful news. If you are pregnant you have enough money to raise it by yourself. Maybe this is why you have been missing in action lately. Jen if you are be proud and shout it from the roof tops.This is something you should share with your fans.If this is true congratulations Jen and Justin. If the story is true about the christmas gift and your pregnancy I doubt it, I can see why you would be upset.

  • Jojo

    Isn't this a gossip website ?! Why are you here if it's below you?

  • Melissa

    Wow! Could this writer possibly be less informed about real life? Jason Baldwin isn't an actor. He's the subject of this documentary and a man that was wrongfully convicted of murder when he was just a teen. But, no worries. Let's discuss Jennifer Aniston's baby bump some more. That's important.

  • WM3Supporter

    Truth Fairy, I'd love to hear your reasoning!

  • Julie

    Orlando Bloom sure is nice to look at.

  • The Truth Fairy
    The Truth Fairy

    Despite errors made during the trial, IMO these guys are 100% guilty.

  • Jojo

    That's exactly what I thought ! She really looks it .

  • Elz

    im soo happy they're still together they're my favourite hollywood couple too Sassy !!!!!!!!!!! keep the pictures comin' !

  • sayos

    is she pregnant?

  • Sassy

    Wow, that is so unreal to have 20 years of your life taken away from you for a crime you didn't commit. I can't fathom that reality. It is great to see Jen and Justin supporting their friends and the wrongly accused. They are my favorite Hollywood couple.

  • justin

    Jason Baldwin was one of the three men in jail for the murders. The Paradise Lost documentaries are largely responsible for his and the other two members of the West Memphis Three's release from prison. They were most likely their supporting men they felt were wrongly imprisoned.