Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Cody Simpson Anything You Want!

Celebuzz has on fire with our Celebrity Mailbag series over the past few weeks, and now we’ve got yet another major one coming up — teen superstar Cody Simpson.

The Australian pop star will be answering questions from you — the very awesome Celebuzz readers — in an exclusive video for us, and now’s your chance to ask him the things you’ve been dying to know. Want to know how he learned to sing? Or maybe what his favorite brand of toothpaste is? Whatever you want — ask it in the comments section of this post, and Cody will pick his favorites to answer in a video we’ll post soon.

Got that? Drop your questions in the comments below, and be sure to “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook so you know when the video of Cody answering all of your questions is here! And, while you’re at it, check out our recent mailbag with fellow young star Greyson Chance below!