Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Cody Simpson Anything You Want!

Cody Simpson Through the Years
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Celebuzz has on fire with our Celebrity Mailbag series over the past few weeks, and now we've got yet another major one coming up -- teen superstar Cody Simpson.

The Australian pop star will be answering questions from you -- the very awesome Celebuzz readers -- in an exclusive video for us, and now's your chance to ask him the things you've been dying to know. Want to know how he learned to sing? Or maybe what his favorite brand of toothpaste is? Whatever you want -- ask it in the comments section of this post, and Cody will pick his favorites to answer in a video we'll post soon.

Got that? Drop your questions in the comments below, and be sure to "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook so you know when the video of Cody answering all of your questions is here! And, while you're at it, check out our recent mailbag with fellow young star Greyson Chance below!



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  • damaris sanchez
    damaris sanchez

    te amo mucho cody simpon

  • Victoria

    Hi Cody, I was just wondering what is the strangest gift you have received from a fan? By 143 haha!

  • Vic143

    Cody, will you be coming to Australia because it will be the best day of my life (literally!) A

  • Vic143

    Why don't you keep that to yourself next time, bacause a lot of people know him and he is a celebrity to me.

  • Antigoni

    So, 1.What do you most like in a girl? 2.How can you imagine the perfect girl for you? 3.What's your dream destination? 4.What's your favorite song? 5.Will you ever come to Greece? 6.Have you ever had a broken heart? 7.Who's the one you can tell all your secrets? 8.Where do you take ideas for your songs? 9.Have you ever wrote a song for someone special? And.... 10.Do you prefer your life as a celebrity or you want to be normal again? That's all :) I love you My twitter:@ItsAntigoni

  • Mackenzie

    Dear Cody,I just wanted to know if you like your new life,and if Alli and Tom are doing ok.

  • Kelsie Calpito
    Kelsie Calpito

    What do you mostly like in a girl? Do you prefer a kiss or hug after a date? What's your favorite romantic thing you do for a girl?

  • Vicky

    What can we do to get noticed by you at a concert?..... in a good way :L. X

  • Cameron

    I have a question: Who is Cody Simpson? How about getting some real celebrities...

  • Michelle

    I would really like to know but please be honest are you dating Kylie Jenner or its just a lie that the tabloids say ?

  • Alexia Lorca
    Alexia Lorca

    Hi Cody, I'm a big fan of yours from Chile, I have always wanted to ask you, when will you come to Latin America? please do not underestimate us, there are many fans here and we would give everything for you, I love you, I'm proud of everything you've cast, Happy Birthday(L) Alexia Lorca, an Angel :)

  • diana

    what kind of girls do you like? whats your favorite quality that you look for in a girlfriend?

  • Victoria Hewitt
    Victoria Hewitt

    Dear Cody simpson I wanted to know what can I to become a famous singer someday? I have been in choir for four years at Forest Hill's Eastern High school. I live in east Grand Rapids I am turning 16 in four days!!! Love Victoria Hewitt.

  • cooperpooper

    where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Vicky W
    Vicky W

    If you could do a colaboration with anybody (dead or alive) who would it be? Oh and are you going to be coming to the UK anytime soon? X

  • ana

    I would love to hear your favorite brand of shoes, your favorite sports, his favorite movie, your pet, your favorite colors and also because maybe other angels know but here in Argentina it is difficult to get that information! Thank you! Happy Birthday Cody. Latinas are very proud of you


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