Celebrity Mailbag: Ask YouTube Star DeStorm Questions! (VIDEO)

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Lately, Celebuzz has put the interview in the hands of our readers -- from Hilary Duff to Jessica Lowndes and a whole bunch of other celebrities. Now we're branching out a bit, and giving you the chance to get your questions in for YouTube sensation DeStorm.

DeStorm, who has more than 140 million video views on YouTube and 1.2 million subscribers on his channel, is one of the video platform's biggest stars and has rubbed shoulders with some serious Hollywood talent. He's got a new channel called BAMMO coming soon, and in the meantime, he's agreed to take your questions on, well, just about anything. Want to know how to become an internet star? Ask him! Want some fashion tips? He's got your back. Want to hear him sing a Justin Bieber cover or make up a crazy personalized rap for you? Well, you can ask -- and he even filmed a video for you to check out above!

Submit your questions in the comments section below, and we'll be relaying them over to DeStorm to answer -- and once he does, we'll post the video for you to check out. So, start thinking (get creative!), submit your comments below and be sure to "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook so you know when we post the answers! And just in case you need some inspirational music, hit play on his latest video "Oprah Winfrey" below:

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  • Nadian Dasherflasher
    Nadian Dasherflasher

    Your Videos Are Great And So Extreme And So On I Wanted To Ask You SomeThing. How Do You Make Up Your Own Songs Like: Legends To Zelda And Sonic Love I Mean You Made Those Songs And I Thought Of Making My Own Songs And So I Was Asking How Do I Make My Own Songs With The Perfect Type Of Music?

  • Quan Cook
    Quan Cook




  • Red

    Did you ever give away all of the candy you had in "Candy Rapping" during Halloween last year? Did you get any teeth?

  • SomeChick...

    how can you regain your self esteem and confidence after a terrible relationship? and i don't mean that the break up made me lose my esteem and confidence. no, i mean the relationship. a guy tried to change me, but he changed me for the worse...

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts

    hey destorm ive been using the jumpsoles for about 2 years i never really done the workouts ive just walked around in them and jumped here and there. but my question is can you email like a vertical jump workout so that i can dunk? and if you can can you include like proper streches and stuff like that? i would really appreciate that alot! i am 6'1'' 165lbs and i can grab the rim with two hands off a two leg jump and i can grab the rim with one hand off a one or two leg jump everytime. if you could do this for me i would really really appreciate it! my email is fpitts1992@gmail.com Thanks Again Man!!

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    would a accecpt a challenge from me to fight in a game called shadow fighters on facebook? so would ya let me know? im ichin for some comitishin atleast ( not manny pp would relly loose to me that much and even so it says according to my account view im top player in shado fight so if ya cant then plz help me find some one that i can compeat with o i warn ya im dan lev 5 (all super moves unlocked)

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    how would ya handle past ingerys contantly seeming to comback at ya and act up"

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    for the questing on why ur asking so many questiong i think its just cuz theres a lot of wind in ya to get out of the way because of such things where befour destorm did not replay

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    how would ya handly past ingerys contantly seeming to comback at ya and act up

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    do ya think the american schools systems work for every one?

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    how many tounge twisters can you say fast with out goofing up?

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    how long can you rap and sing befor running out of ideas and creativity and originality? fiure such question be like walking thrro a desert w/ no water (eventuly ull stop n'plop)

  • Matthew Noneofurbeeswax
    Matthew Noneofurbeeswax

    wich type of trains do you like? A)steam B)diesle D)ele

  • Sam

    Destorm is it possible for you to make a music video on anime ?

  • Diana Orynbassar
    Diana Orynbassar

    Do you have any siblings?

  • rufas

    Hey Destorm. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

  • Rufas

    Whats up De!? My question is... Do you smoke, drink alcohol?

  • Tkewl Sifuentés Barragán
    Tkewl Sifuentés Barragán

    yo destorm what was your fav stuffed animal ;)

  • Athlete

    As an athlete, how would you recommend promoting yourself after you have put in all the hard work to move up to the next level?

  • Siam LoveSleeping
    Siam LoveSleeping

    Hey DeStorm What is the best advise you can give to someone that wants to start rapping ? -Siam

  • stefan


  • sevi

    Heyyyy destorm :) Its a serious question and I thought thought you might be the right person to ask. My man and I broke up a few days ago because he is going away for a job term and a few unpleasant things he did ( not cheating but still upsetting enough) and since he is going away and things were already a bit sad we decided to stop it before it gets any worse. I have done all that you said in the video ( except..a few times I wasn't at my best look). He has expressed to me that this had been the best relationship he ever had and that after he comes back if I am still single and if I am still willing to give it a shot he would either want to date me or someone remarkably like me because he has never been so much in peace with some one. ( I am not making anything up). We have kept in touch but I haven't made any attempt of contacting him I only respond if he says something. ( He has msged me everyday, kept me updated and he has been very sick which worries me but I only responded sincerely but didn't show too much emotion or anything, just simple replies regarding getting better). But I am not sure if am doing the best that i can do so that things remain well and yes deep down I hope to give it another shot even though I have not expressed anything to him atall. I am very sorry to bother you about this, but regardless of little irritating things he has done he is a good man I have respect for him and I know he is conscious and rational minded. If you have some time to spare, I'll really hope to know from you how to keep him interested and hopefully once hes back ( probably some 6-8 months later) may be it has a future. sevi

  • DePowerZ


  • Alyce

    How do you approach someone you like when you've never spoken to them before?

  • Nika Kakulia
    Nika Kakulia

    Destorm,how many hats do you have?

  • Nika Kakulia
    Nika Kakulia

    how many hats do you have?

  • sgtmikey101

    Destorm I desperately need your help. So i have been struggling to gain confidence again within my life. I've been bullied since i was young and I've always stood up for myself. But over the past three years I have drifted away from confidence. I just don't know how to get it back. I can't talk to people without being awkward, nervous, and always looking across the room(in fear i'm giving too much eye contact). I'm super paranoid, tips?

  • Teran305

    Can You Unblock Me?

  • Jacob

    I like this girl in my class but me and her are close like bro and sis but i am starting to have deeper feelings for her everytime i hang out with her so should we stay bro and sis or should i ask her out?

  • Elizabeth

    Destorm, do you have wife? Are you married?


    Hey Destorm, I need some serious advice boo, I know your busy but I honestly think I need a one on one but iono if you have time for that but lol I NEED it THO but ima just say it in a nutshell. Ohkay,.so I saw the list of how to keep your man and I mostly have everything, so what I need to know is what am I personally doing wrong, why I can't keep a man??? I'm not understanding it!!!? Also, I've been fuck buddies or fwb with this guy for almost a year now, he's my little sex slave and I'm his, he thinks I'm so damn sexy and I think about him the same way, he wants to stay single, and I understand, so I know what he's all about right??? But De, WHY AM I STARTING TO HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM? What should I do?, should I confront him about it, what should I do??? If you think you need more info, twitter me danielleelove or facebook me danielle love I'm the one with the red lips Hope to hear from you soon Destorm, I really need your advice!!!!! -Love, Danielle PS happy birthday hope your having the greatest :)))

  • Coolkyle

    How many sisters and borthers do you have?

  • coolk17

    When did you start making youtube money that you could live off of?

  • coolk17

    What are your goals for 2012?

  • coolk17

    How are you going to get a T.V. show that does skits, if you sing all the time lol?

  • coolk17

    What will make you dislike someone?

  • coolk17

    What do you look for in and on a girl?

  • coolk17

    Is it hard to become an elite youtuber?

  • coolk17

    Can we see a pic of your son's mom?

  • coolk17

    How old was you when you had your son?

  • coolk17

    DeStorm are you one of those parents who don't let there kids play "M" rated games or see R movies?

  • Steven Noble Jr
    Steven Noble Jr

    january 30th

  • Steven Noble Jr
    Steven Noble Jr

    hey destorm i was wondering if u can make anymore free running videos im trying to get my mom to go to LA so i can see my friends and maybe go their but she said their is nothing to do so i tryed to show her ur videos of the free running place but they dont run so plz thanks

  • Kenny Plummer
    Kenny Plummer

    TELL US EXACTLY HOW AND WHERE YOU GET YOUR SNAPBACKS! Please! They are truly a work of art. Also I would like to know if you would consider redoing some of your challenges to make them twice as dope as they already are! Also does anybody out in the places you go ever mention Maine? I live up here and lots of people really enjoy your videos. Peace

  • basketball52

    Hey de storm your A.W.E.S.O.M.E. You got a greatt! YouTube channel I wanted to ask you do u have a favorite NBA team because I would like to surprise you with an awesome gift of your favorite team because I'm a BIG fan of basketball that's what I do(: so if u could hit me back that would be great P.s. That would be legit if I could get a shout out on the channel to check out the BrothersFrmAntherMom channel haha you can pronounce it "brothers from another mom"(: thanks(:


    i just want to know if you think you can make a rap using all the presidents names in order or not if you can please do i would love to see it. i have been asking for awhile but i don't think you have ever read my post on YouTube hopefully you get this one and can do it. YOU DA MAN DESTORM!!!

  • Alan H
    Alan H

    What sort of camera do you use?

  • Roosevelt Hunter
    Roosevelt Hunter

    Hi DeStorm My question what is a good cheap video editing program for a beginner. I know you get what you pay for but im just want something good until i get to your status where i dont have to pay for it or i get the nice discount for Lol.

  • Tomy X Xiong
    Tomy X Xiong

    Do you still parkour?

  • coolk17

    Does YouTube invite you to VidCon or do you just go?

  • coolk17

    Is it hard to rise on YouTube?

  • coolk17

    Whats easier to use iMovie or FCP?

  • Timothy Laboy
    Timothy Laboy

    can you please reply to my message on YouTube its phattyt622?

  • Timothy Laboy
    Timothy Laboy

    what are your plans for 2012 and please reply to my YouTube message

  • Kyara

    How old are you? Whats your birthday?

  • HurricaneSwag

    Yo Destorm, i noticed you wear a lot of different hats in your videos, so i was wondering how many hats do you actually own?

  • mrv225

    do the lyrics come to you easily or does it take a while to write your raps

  • Josie

    What's your favourite movie, and also who's your favourite Actor/Actress?

  • DJ-ARK https://www.facebook.com/JDTVofficial
    DJ-ARK https://www.facebook.com/JDTVofficial

    DJ-ARK here, wanna be in one of ur vids man, and maybe a rap or so, LoL, like ray did......https://www.facebook.com/JDTVofficial

  • OwensFriend

    Hey DeStorm, I was just wondering if you ever met Owen Hill Jr. in person. I am friends with owen and i was wondering if i would ever be able to meet you one day that would be awesome..!!!!

  • OwensFriend

    Hey DeStorm, I was just wondering if you ever met Owen Hill Jr. in person. I am friends with owen and i was wondering if i would ever be able to meet you one day that would be awesome.

  • Jarago

    When answer video is coming? :D Cant wait

  • Wahid

    What is the thing you have made/sang/produced etc on youtube that has made you the most proud?

  • Nick

    Hey De. Are you willing to do any collabs or help out any other YouTubers in the LA area.

  • Benny J
    Benny J

    Hey man, I'm a big fan. Could you give some advice on how to not be as nervous when recording a video for youtube please?

  • Anthony P.
    Anthony P.

    since when do you have a son??why didnt u tell anyone about it??

  • Dave

    Are you autistic?


    why u are not making any You wrtite the lirics anymore MrMISSINGPEACE

  • Cyrus

    How come you are straying away from challenges nowadays?

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K

    how old are your siblings?

  • Nic

    Would you be down to collaborate with me if I sent you a link to my music and you liked it?

  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell

    hey destorm how do you get a girl friend

  • MostHated

    Have you ever smoked weed?

  • kittykatdance

    When you were 5-16, have you ever masterbated?

  • DeStorm RULES
    DeStorm RULES

    Can you post a video on youtube showing all your a hats ? Thanks :)

  • Peachy

    what does it take to become a great beat-boxer?

  • Peachy

    what does it take to become a gret beatboxer?

  • SIckiesNickeis

    Any Advice How to Move On!

  • Tiff

    how old are you? are you married? to who?

  • Boris Jones
    Boris Jones

    Whos your favorite football team (american football)

  • Serhat

    DeStorm Power I got two questions: 1. How old are you? 2. What is the minimum required amount of subscribers people need to have to do a collaboration with you?

  • Serhat

    He is a YouTube partner, he is not allowed to make his earnings public because of his contract with YouTube. However, he can tell how its works but is not allowed to use real numbers. Example: 'Every time one person clicks on my video I earn a small percentage of a penny'

  • HiimBiran

    Who's your wife?

  • JDVJ58

    This girl that im talking to she recently broke up with her ex.. She isnt over him.. Do you have any tips on how can i help her move on??

  • Chantel

    How many kids do you have?

  • Wedgie Monster
    Wedgie Monster

    Do You Moisturize Your Weenus??? :D If So, How Often? -Wedgie Monster

  • none

    Are you married??

  • BarneyPwnsU

    What do you think about Eminem?

  • Auguseze

    Who is your favourite youtuber?

  • Dylan Cobbz
    Dylan Cobbz

    Do you have skype? If so, would you skype with me? :)

  • Nathan Buckner
    Nathan Buckner

    I like this girl but she doesn't like me back, how do I get her to like me?

  • CamzMagic

    Would you make a rapp up about CamzMagic? and do you ever want to go to england?

  • Emily

    If you could name a child what ever you wanted without anyones opinion affecting your answer, what would you name a girl and a boy?

  • Rugga

    Are You Willing To Get Ona Song Of Mine? I wanna kno that.

  • GeturOwn

    When I grow up will I be famous?

  • Tord

    Is it really true that your real name is Destorm Power? How was it to work with Talib Kweli?

  • ChrisW

    Will you do more Hookups? because those were mad popular

  • devon lawrence
    devon lawrence

    dude just hoping you will get this if i gave you my number wouyld you text me that would make me the happiest 2 have you as a friend btw if you get a package from amozion its from me ifyou would text me and become a friend my number is 2525031015

  • huehue

    Why did you stop doing the learning free running vids, they were great and id love to see more of them

  • PeaceNlove

    damn, dude! Thx! ur the reason for i'm gettin' late tonight! Thanks, dawg! :D

  • SupaDupaDJ


  • brock the aussie
    brock the aussie

    first off id like to say awesome, out of this world job on ur modern warfare 3 vid i love it so much. now to my ? i was wondering if u could do a video bout the 2nd world war, not the whole war like nazi, pearl harbour and shit but an incite on the unsung hero's like the aussie AnZAC on the kokoda track if they hadn't defended it, the whole of australia would of been invaded by japan, look all im requesting is something out of honor i mean we both come from 2 great nation so could u do it, i mean could u make a vid bout the kokoda track

  • Katie McGowan
    Katie McGowan

    Hey DeStorm, first I would like to say that I love your videos. They make me laugh and smile when i am feeling down. Second I want to know if you would follow me on Twitter? My twitter name is Belieber4lyfe18...sorry I am a huge Justin Bieber fan. Would you do a challenge about high school graduation? I'm a senior this year and Im 4 months away from graduating. Graduation might not be so scary if you made it funny! Please follow me DeStorm :)

  • dayday

    Hows your day?

  • coolk17

    Are you going to E3 this year, if yes. How do you get to go? What do you need to get in there?

  • coolk17

    What do you think happens when you die?

  • coolk17

    Do you think we'll all die on Dec 21, 2012?

  • coolk17

    What's your goals for 2012?

  • coolk17

    What's a good way to get people to work with you on youtube?

  • coolk17

    How many cell phones do you have?

  • coolk17

    Do you live in a condo or apartment?

  • coolk17

    How ofthen do you go to the movies? What was the last movie you saw?

  • coolk17

    Can you reupload your very first 5 video back to youtube?

  • coolk17

    How was your childhood?

  • coolk17

    Do you have a Flickr account?

  • coolk17

    Do you have a middle name?

  • coolk17

    How much did your cam cost?

  • coolk17

    How do you get the sound on your video to be so good?

  • coolk17

    How tall are you?

  • coolk17

    What you like better NYC or LA?

  • coolk17

    How many people live with you?

  • coolk17

    How long did it take you to get a 1,000 subs?

  • coolk17

    How do you feel about the things people are asking you? Is it to much?

  • coolk17

    When will you bring back the Hook up?

  • coolk17

    What do you Hate the most?

  • coolk17

    Is iJusten your type?

  • Audrey

    Any wise words for those who want to be successful in life?

  • coolk17

    Will you ever bring back "That Shit Bothers Me?"

  • coolk17

    Were do you get your fity caps from?

  • coolk17

    Do you have a youtube account that you go on every now an then to look at unrated video?

  • coolk17

    How did you learn to edit so well?

  • coolk17

    What do you find easier to use FCP or iMovie?

  • coolk17

    Can you do more youtube tip videos, like one tip video a month?

  • coolk17

    Do you have a girlfriend, if yes can we see a pic of her?

  • coolk17

    If you have smoked weed before, when was the last time you smoked?

  • coolk17

    Have you every smoked weed before?

  • coolk17

    How old is your son?

  • coolk17

    Are you still cool with BkAngel310, an when was the last time you an her spoke?

  • coolk17

    Was you ever dating BkAngel310 if yes, who broke up who? An why do you two brake up?

  • Alex

    Hello Destorm. I am a character and motion graphic animator and I would like to start a virtual business making animated videos for people. Since you get millions of views and have millions of subscribers, me included, I would like to know ways you promoted yourself and to see if you can give me some advice or sites to check out so that I may teach myself to do the same thing You can also check out my work and leave constructive criticism for me as well, especially your media artist friends. All will be greatly helpful and appreciated. Thank you. Youtube channel/ acarrollanimation

  • Peter

    You are inspiration for so many of us.. What/Who is your inspiration?

  • skeeet27

    Hey DeStorm, seriously, how old are you?

  • Sulja

    In some videos u have a moon and a star for a neckless is it a sign that u are muslim?

  • Daniel

    DeStorm what motivated you to pursue a career in music. I want to be a music producer and entertainer, and i must say seeing what you have accomplished is certainly motivating me. also your amazing advice and motivational videos give me another point of view, and the drive to want to make myself better. -Danny G. @PanicTheCrowing

  • tramell
    tramell "GeneralRoxus" Lowry

    may i freestyle to "oprah winfrey" song. the song is very inspriational to me and been playing it nonstop. congrats on your success and god bless.

  • Xunkie

    Yo DeStorm! What is your opinion on a Senior in high school dating a Freshman in high school? When the senior is 17 about to turn 18 and the freshman is only 14?

  • Jordan

    DESTORM i want to switch from 1 mile track running to 100m running. i do cross country aswell, i dont want to turn my neutral to slow though what do i do!!!

  • James

    Were you and Jessica a couple at one time?

  • Gio

    where do you get all your snap backs from?

  • Gio

    where do you get all your fit-its/ snap backs from?

  • CrazyBob

    When you gonna show us that mantle of awards you got?

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson

    DeStorm, What's a successful method of advertising one's own YouTube Channel?

  • Bryson Weaver
    Bryson Weaver

    Will You please come to Utah or any state around us cause i would love to meet you.

  • Jay Insane Maine
    Jay Insane Maine

    *Said like WHATZUP WORLD* WHATZUP STORM! I was wondering if you could go back in time and tell yourself anything what would it be and why?

  • Karl B
    Karl B

    How do you come up with your original song lyrics? What kind of writing process do you have? Any tips to those wanting to write their own songs?

  • Dents

    DeStorm, can you give a shout out to Max from Canada in your next video? im a huge fan and your voice is amazing.

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    maybe you like a lot... but... who are your top 10 of fav artist...?

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    Where do you buy your caps, I'm a fan of caps too but the only store that I know just sells baseball team's caps and really would like to buy more like yours (some marvels and some...you know... more colorful) ok thanks BIG FAN...

  • tadas

    I have a dream... i have a dream becoming a basketball player i am 15 years old and my height is 6'1 i used to love basketball when i was little but didn't really played that much i only started taking it serious about two years ago and my biggest dream is to play for NBA. can you give me any advice i hope it comes true. :)

  • JKL 667
    JKL 667

    Yo have any damn rings?

  • Povilas

    You're thinking of 2G1C? ;D My question: are you planning to do a Europe tour. I would love to see you here in Lithuania!

  • D2unez

    if you could only keep five things in this world what would they be?

  • Jericho

    What programs and equipment do you use for your your music and vids? love your music and vids and i would love to ATTEMPT to make some beats like you do

  • Leki

    Hey DeStorm, , my question shouldn't be too much of a hassle,, I hope. I was just wondering if you'd write me out a light plyometric training program? I don't want to over do it because I'm still growing so yeah, think you could do that for me?

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller

    What's one thing that's kept you motivated though out your career and how do you keep up the energy to be the non stop worker that you are. Mad respect for your channel man keep up the hard work

  • The Running Rocker
    The Running Rocker

    do you play minecraft????

  • Rabbit

    I can't rap freestyle , and i can't rap, please give me some suggestions

  • Mutaz

    What is your favourite song you have made?

  • Sandra Ivkovic
    Sandra Ivkovic

    Cao De Storm.. You inspired me alot,I have seen how much have you progressed since you started doing this on youtube,and I wanna try it too. Can you please tell me what's the good thing to start up with ? I'm from Serbia btw(Europe) . Thanks in advance . 

  • Sandra

    Cao De Storm. You inspired me alot,I have seen how much have you progressed since you started doing this on youtube,and I wanna try it too. Can you please tell me what's the good thing to start up with ? I'm from Serbia btw(Europe) . Thanks in advance . 

  • Outside

    Are you and Jessica Berry still friends? I liked you guys as a couple. The first time I saw a vid of you two together was your lose weight in 15 days video series.

  • Jay (from Germany)
    Jay (from Germany)

    hey DeStorm, i know that you were ghostwriter. so my question is which famous songs do you wrote?

  • 4did4s

    whats the name of the beat from that 2011 rap up

  • nick

    hey destorm do u smoke weed or drink ?

  • RAMY


  • Wazza

    Was Jessica ever your girl friend???? Or what happened you guys break up ? :(

  • Captain Ginyu
    Captain Ginyu

    Can you eat a pack of Mentos while doing the shuffle while holding a blue binder while punching a green punch bag?

  • ingenuatur.com

    You're video Super Bass-Nicki Minaj (De-Mix) ft. Megan Nicole is really good!, Are you planning to do more videos with Megan?

  • lyndell shiloh
    lyndell shiloh

    hey would you be willing to collab with me and my friend to make a song? we dont have the proper recording equipment and we are just trying to make a song with thhe greatest youtube star scince...well me lol


    in a video a while ago i saw u got a tattoo so question. What you wanted to say with that tattoo and what is the meaning of it?

  • Nicole2712

    Do you think Pit Bulls should be banned? What are your thoughts surrounding the topic?

  • Travis Erece
    Travis Erece

    Hey Destorm, Alot Of Your Videos Have Some Sick Beats, are We Gonna Get A Video With You Makin Your Beats? And Will You Make Beats For The Viewers/ Up-coming rappers?

  • Tryston

    Sorry scratch that, re-write: Destorm, what do you do in situations where you know you have to or want to do something, but you lack the motivation?

  • Tryston

    Destorm, what do you do in situations where you know or want to do something, but you lack the motivation?

  • Blessing

    Sexy Destorm how did you become such a great sucess? and how do you preserve your sexy :)

  • the chee yiren
    the chee yiren

    Hey destorm, i was with this girl for 4 months. we broke up because other people doesn't like us to be together. and it's been 7 months from now,this date. i have not talked to her in that 7 months but i still love her. what do i do? i did write a letter to her to confess. she replied to my friend saying that she just wants to be friends. i can't move on without her. i truly truly love her. i know what you maybe thinking, if i loved her,i would have talked to her anyways. but i din't talked to he because we also broke up because of this guy. he's always with her. when i'm in school studying, he's with her. i got jealous,since then i had not talked to her. once, that guy took her phone to reply my text. i was fed up

  • Shamil Abdul
    Shamil Abdul

    Yo, what's up Destorm. What is your favourite Wii game? thanks!

  • Jackazsof95

    when will you make another track and field video

  • eepicprimee

    Who's your biggest inspiration?

  • twizzle

    would u make a video about all the rappers and fakes out there all together and throw in the illuminati

  • Grandest Marquis
    Grandest Marquis

    How come everything you have to purchase music wise is through iTunes only? Where's the love for those of us who don't rock an iPod or iTunes?

  • Garrett Cates
    Garrett Cates

    where do you get all of your caps from

  • Sami

    just a friendly hello from me to you... nothin fancy... keep up your awesomeness take care...

  • Kelvin

    hey what is your current camera set up that you use for your youtube videos/vlogs?? and what kind of editing software do you use??

  • Brappp

    What things have you watched/done in the past or now, that inspires you to go out and stay fit? any tips for self motivation?

  • peyton

    are you going to do another watch me contest?

  • roni tran
    roni tran

    Do you ever shave your penis, and do you ever have sex with your girlfriend before kiss her? its crazy i know, BTW, no homo

  • EssenceOfTheWorld

    Hey Destorm, I am 13 years old I Hope this question isn't to personal or anything o opens up any old wounds, What kind of cancer did you mother have? I'm only asking because i can kind of relate due to the fact that my mother has lung cancer.

  • EssenceOfTheWorld

    Hey Destorm, I hope this isn't to personal or something but what kind of cancer did your mother have? I only ask because i can kind of relate because my mother has cancer to

  • Eaglefly0823

    DeStorm have you ever been to Hong Kong?

  • richard

    when are you going to come to richmond virginia...? if you ever do decide to come let me know i know some awsome places here

  • sparkydude112

    where did all your "the hookup" videos go???

  • Pedro

    DeStorm probably you won't read this but.. I'd like to know if you write the song's lyrics first, or if first of all you do the beat and the synth stuff. And also I'd like to know where do you get your inspiration from to do the harmony. Much appreciated.

  • Ethan

    DeStorm when are you going to make a song with Eminem? you and him are my favorite rappers and should do something together. Both of y'all are very talented!!!!!

  • Julian Nash
    Julian Nash

    Have you ever been in a fight, who won?

  • ZombieWaffle

    DeStorm, if/when you have children when and how will you give them the sex talk? Will you even give them the sex talk? (I'm asking this because recently my niece came to me and asked what orgasm meant...yeah)

  • Deadmau5

    I remember in one of your videos you said "I have a son," I just wanted to wonder if you could introduce him in one of your video, thanks!

  • Aelisha

    When you were singing in the subway earlier in your life, did you ever have moments of doubt as to whether you would make it? How did you overcome those doubts OR how did you keep from having those doubts?

  • Christopher

    What car do you Drive?


    What is ur phone number?

  • SeriousGuy

    Who would you vote for in 2012 Pres. elections, if you had to choose between Ron Paul, Obama, or Mitt Romney?

  • Dimitri

    Would you ever Do a collab with a Dancer? If so Look me up ! young seventeen ,inspired, Future Talent Youtube.com/Kiddvillen

  • JamesTeede

    Who is the girl behind the camera in Snail Mail??? I bet u get that question asked all the time though :P

  • tomo123

    How did you come up with the idea to make videos on youtube ?

  • Matt Dent
    Matt Dent

    if you could do a collaboration with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

  • conkatonk

    Why is it that trust is so hard to gain back for someone who has done you wrong in the past? Does it hurt to trust? Can this heart ever heal after being broken so many times?

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    What do you think about Justin Bieber

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    do you have a girlfriend??

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    Could you make a list of what do you have to make music... or DeMixes... I mean like what program(s), which interfaces, which mic, like every thing even the cables... and I want to know what is plug to what...??

  • Jack


  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    what is your hobby besides making videos, do colaborations, and work out...?

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    What is your economic ingress/entry ... I don't want to know how much, I want to know where or what do you do....

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    How old Are you..?

  • Barry171

    destorm,just wondering if you have any advice for me im trying to become good friends with this person i recently met and im doing my best by talking to him and i even stayed in his house and he does talk back and he is nice to me but he wont ask me to come out or ask me to do anything and i dont know what to do..i need to know what it is i have to say to him or show him so that he will actually hang out with me more please help Destorm

  • AM. WolF
    AM. WolF

    What is a typical day in the life of Destorm??

  • Breezy

    Hey DeStorm, can we collab please!?!?!?

  • Ellis

    Who was your favourite rapper as a kid? Who is your favourite rapper now???

  • Ellis K
    Ellis K

    Who was your favourite rapper as a kid? Who is your favourite now?

  • suli breaks
    suli breaks

    How many times do you recommend uploading a week/month for someone trying to boost channel views, subscribers etc? Is it better to have one video within 2 months with 20,000 views or 4 videos within 2 months at 5,000 views each? And 'why? I know my question is a bit long sorry

  • Wave

    How old were you when you had your first girlfriend? How old was she? :) Are you currently in a relationship?

  • kane95

    are you gonna do a uk tour anytime soon

  • TT


  • ahmed

    Do u love Arabian people ??

  • kaw

    How big is your penis?

  • thatdangleprechaun

    WUZ UP DESTORM.. ITS... TIME TO ANSWER ONE OF MY QUESTIONS! OK I want to know if you listen to Lupe Fiasco, Eminem OR T.I and if you do whats your favorite song by at least one of them?! and ugghhh can we be bestfriends?!

  • coolk17

    Do you want to still be on youtube 10 years from now? :)

  • coolk17

    How do you get the music you use in your music videos? Do you make it yourself, if yes how?

  • coolk17

    I have really bad asthma, high cholesterol and I weigh 220 pounds I want to look fit and be fit. Do you have any tips on to help me out?

  • Haley:3

    Do you have any secret talents that most people don't know about?

  • coolk17

    Name 20 TV shows you watch?

  • coolk17

    Him an his (I think 10 year old) son had a music video back in the day. LOL I should know I'v been watching his videos back when he lived in brooklyn.

  • Leeandre21

    Heroes and Villans 2?

  • Sebastian from Norway
    Sebastian from Norway

    Dear DeStorm. In some of your earlier vids, people said "Show your son in a video", which leads me to my question... Do you actually have a son? o.O -Sebastian from Norway

  • coolk17

    I know you do what you do to touch people an all that stuff. BUT if you had to chose what do you like more, the youtube money or the fame?

  • coolk17

    Do you think anyone an everyone can make it to where your at on youtube?

  • coolk17

    Is iJustin your type.

  • coolk17

    Do you have a girlfriend?

  • coolk17

    How old is your son, an does he live with you?

  • coolk17

    Can you do more "YouYube Tip Videos?" What you do is motivation videos, an I think thats great we need more of those too. But I think we need the Tips videos and motivation videos separate.

  • Larry

    Why were you named DeStorm?

  • Jay

    Hey Destorm Iv got a serious question for you if you dont mind, iv looked up to you for a few years now since i started watching you and you always seem to have a gd view on life aha My question is Iv liked this girl for a while now (yeep its a girl problem!) but we've been really close mates for ages and shes dated guys around iv dated girls round her but my feeling haven't really faded for her, sometimes i feel like she doesnt give a shit by not textin bck or cancelling plans, i just dont know whether i should keep trying or just give up and save myself the heart break. I know that this probably wont get read cause there r soooo many other comments but if i could get your advice it would mean the world to me, Thanks man

  • coolk17

    Can you do a video telling us how to edit an how to make clones of ourselves?

  • coolk17

    Can you do a video telling up how to edit an how to make clones of ourselves?

  • coolk17

    When will you be doing more snail mail?

  • Darnell

    Hey Storm, I heard you real name was DeStorm. Is this true Bro?

  • coolk17

    Why did you go to jail?

  • Lawrence

    Is DeStorm Power your real name? If not what is?


    Are you a 9gagger, funnyjunker, 4chaner, redditor?

  • Philip Kantchev
    Philip Kantchev

    Hey DeStorm so my question is if you have a chance to go to Bulgaria would you?I know I'm gonna be very excited to see you live for whatever reason!

  • John

    Who do you want to work with

  • John

    destorm lets make a music video for my store? $$$ let me know message at my channel the3djohn or email me

  • ddsplix

    do you have any tips on how to further/get involved in a musical career?

  • unclerockus

    what advice would you give to a gamer who would want to turn pro?

  • officialmccannon

    What are the requirements to collaborate with youtube, and how do you select the people to collab with?

  • officialmccannon

    Who is your biggest inspiration, and what label would you most want to sign with?

  • Tom

    Whats are your views on homosexuality and same sex marriage? this assuming you are not anti-gay

  • Nick

    How do you get girls in college.

  • Oliver

    Where are u originally from (Im a mix of Denmark & Ghana myself) :-)

  • Martins

    Hey man, is it a secret how old are you? And in other question read that you've been in jail, i'd like to know why? It could be interesting to heard how people who has been in jail can get this high again! Greetings from Latvia

  • Kevin

    What does it take to be a musician?

  • Dope1995

    Which Programm are you Using to make your Music? Recording and all these things. Programms Like Samplitude ? Ableton? Im really curious. Im doing music on my own. I love your Music!

  • Junior

    Hey DeStorm hows your personal life man? Do you have a girl and if so do you have kids? i think i might of seen one but i don't remember.

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas

    are you gonna do challenges again? because i really enjoyed them

  • Jay R aka Tycoon
    Jay R aka Tycoon

    Hey DeStorm, I'm a music producer & artist and I wanted to start making videos to gain more fans on youtube, what kind of advice would you give someone like me to start that off?! My youtube Is "TycoonTelevision" .Thanks DeStorm!!

  • 1Odeza1

    Destorm, what is your goal / where do you want to get with your music, and where do you get your inspiration (for music besides the challenges).

  • Bartekko

    Is there any place I can get remix stems of your tracks?

  • Rodrigo-@CocaeXSalada

    Hey DeStorm I would like to know where to were born, and if you've got plans to came to Brazil? Thanks for reading. :)

  • Armil1239

    How Are You?

  • Francesco Maoli
    Francesco Maoli

    Have you ever been a Bboy or head or Bboying? If so, have you ever gone to an event before or consider making a rap/video about it?

  • Eddie guardinho
    Eddie guardinho

    Yo Destorm umm my question is what other nicknames would people call you since you do have a cool name "Destorm Power" I'd be thinkin "PoWa Flowa" or "The Storm" or maybe even "Da Thunda" just curious what awesome nicknames people whould call you?

  • Orfarisful

    Hey destorm, what was your inspiration for becoming a youtuber?...also...have you ever had anything that made you think you were gonna quit?

  • Arthur

    Hey DeStorm! I´d really like to know your opinion about rapper called Chamillionaire, And would you like to do a song with him?

  • Jarago

    how many caps do you have? :D

  • Sora

    Hi destorm i heard you where in jail at one point in your life. what made you turn your life around





  • Genesis

    WHAT'S UP DESTORM. Do you know what anime is and if so whats your fav and why ?? P.s don't just say Dragon ball z like everyone else

  • Minort Williams
    Minort Williams


  • Hereforthedonuts

    If I could fall into the sky, do you think time will pass me by?

  • luqass

    Hi, when will be next challenge video?

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed

    Hey Destorm, I've seen a few photos you posted on facebook with a moon and star necklace..a lot of people including myself are curious..Are you Muslim?

  • Dgrey

    How old are you?! everybody wants to know

  • Nathan

    How old were you when you lost your virginity and who was it with? How old were you when you had your first kiss and who was it with? You can choose one or the other or neither if it's too personal

  • Tom

    How long time does it takes for you to make a song? Or How many times do you usually repeat the same line .. till you get it perfect? <- thats a stupid quesion but still.

  • Ramesh (CD-RAM)
    Ramesh (CD-RAM)

    They call me CD-Ram (rom) can i record a song with you i have a video on youtube (CD Ram Smoke Break) and a couple check them out and let me know

  • Jarago

    Do you believe in doomsday 2012? :D

  • Jarago

    Simple question... Do you have inspiration? Who?

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen

    What is your PB at 100 and 60m?

  • Kristine

    How did your mother choose your name for you when you were a baby? I've always wanted to know. :)

  • AfroWabbit

    Man, why am I asking all these questions?

  • AfroWabbit

    Could you rap off top of the dome? In the sense of improvising and spit some bars on the spot.

  • AfroWabbit

    What is your favorite song/video you have made?

  • AfroWabbit

    In your opinion, who is the hottest female celebrity?

  • AfroWabbit

    Who is your favorite YouTuber? Besides yourself.

  • AfroWabbit

    What is your honest opinion about the American Government?

  • AfroWabbit

    Would you consider being the lead role in a Hollywood movie? Any genre.

  • AfroWabbit

    How many close friends do you have?

  • AfroWabbit

    What makes you angry? What makes you sad?

  • Plamen

    Do you plan on doing some collabo with swoozie06? <3 And you said in 'Success in 2011' that you've ended up in jail once, what did you do back then to get there?

  • liridon

    how old are u :D?

  • AfroWabbit

    If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?

  • AfroWabbit

    Do you enjoy your celebrity star status? Do you fear that you will get too famous?

  • AfroWabbit

    What is your greatest source of inspiration/motivation?

  • LeRoi

    what's your name man!, I curious, and don't say destorm power!

  • AfroWabbit

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • AfroWabbit

    What did you smoke before you made this video?

  • AfroWabbit

    What's your own definition of happiness?

  • AfroWabbit

    What's your vision of a perfect society?

  • AfroWabbit

    When you were a child, did you ever dream of becoming a famous artist?

  • AfroWabbit

    What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day?

  • AfroWabbit

    What is the most embarrasing moment of your life?

  • Mattsvlog

    Who would you like to see win the Super Bowl?

  • AfroWabbit

    How do you deal with stress?

  • AfroWabbit

    What was the best thing before sliced bread?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you had to transform into a foot, what would you choose?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you could speak to one type of animal, what would it be?

  • iMmE

    Hi George, he've made alot of videos, '' how to rap'' and stuff like that. go check 'em out in his channel ;-)

  • AfroWabbit

    Which super power do you like to have and why?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you could change the world in any way, how would you do it?

  • AfroWabbit

    Who do think you'll vote for in the next presidental election?

  • AfroWabbit

    What kind of people do you dislike?

  • AfroWabbit

    How would you describe yourself in three words?

  • AfroWabbit

    What’s your biggest sexual ‘turn-ons’ and ‘turn-offs’?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you instantly turned into a woman for a day, how would you spend that day?

  • AfroWabbit

    What do you regret the most in your life?

  • AfroWabbit

    If in an instant you could become an invisible man, where would you go and what would you do?

  • AfroWabbit

    If someone made a funny comedy movie about your life, which part of the story would be the funniest and why?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you could choose to have dinner with 5 people (real of fictional) who would you invite and why?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you could relive the last five years of your life, what would you change? Or would you not change anything at all?

  • AfroWabbit

    Who is an artist you REALLY want to collab with?

  • AfroWabbit

    Do you contribute to any charity? If not, would you ever consider contributing to a charity if you get really rich?

  • AfroWabbit

    If you had the power to just utter a word and kill someone - no one would find out and you would not be charged with a crime, who would you kill and why?

  • AfroWabbit

    What are some ways to politely punch someone in their face?

  • CiCi

    Do you have a religion? Wich one?

  • AfroWabbit

    Are you making an album? If so, when will it be released?

  • DeeJay

    what is he bes kind of exercise to ge you losing weight fast!?

  • Aaron Drabble
    Aaron Drabble

    Yo Destorm I was just wondering what microphone do you use to record your voice because im hopefully going to start making songs for youtube thanks :)

  • DeeJay

    Have you ever had a fist fight with anyone if so when was the last one

  • nani

    Why do i throw up when i do training on the track? and what shall i do when i feel about to thrw up?? am asking you this cos your an athlete and you have experience since you were a great athlete . Nani Thank you very much!! (:

  • Tyler

    What were you feeling when your mom moved on? and did that strike your music career on Youtube.

  • Nick

    Destorm when are you going to put the song with Harley from epicmealtime on itunes please do!!!!!!!

  • George Driscoll
    George Driscoll

    DeStorm how do you come up with raps and rhymes like that? Any tips or methods?

  • ZJwolfe

    Yo DeStorm, heres a question ive been willing to ask. Where do you come up with all these ideas for videos so quickly? btw your Amazing. The best on YouTube!

  • Ros-Z

    Will the "Hook-Up" series ever return? It was really good and you should totally finish it!

  • ZerefeL

    Will it blend?

  • rushane mclean
    rushane mclean

    what you do on a monday

  • Nichola

    are you currently thinking about working with Jenna Marbles on a collab? If not PLEASE consider it! love love love your videos!xx

  • iMmE

    Hey, this is not only a question for Destorm, it's for all of you. I just wanna know, how do you get autotune, in your video?

  • Pedakin

    How did you get your beard?!

  • Elias

    Ok Destorm, STRAIGHT UP QUESTION You wna come over sometime? play some football at oval park? Been really boring around here could use a guest. it's in New York though, i heard you moved...

  • AfroWabbit

    Who are your favorite rappers and why?

  • Oscar Miskin
    Oscar Miskin

    hey DeStorm, how did you get into the music industry?

  • Simon

    DUDE YOU ARE THE BEAST IN YOUTUBE i really like your vids and i am from BULGARIA MY question is Do you have a girl frend/ or Wife/ i really like your vids FAN FROM BULGARIA.

  • Believe

    Destorm is sitting in front of his laptop, and thinking.. ''Sick people, where do they get that from?''

  • NepzRidah

    what would your advice be to a new hip-hop/rap artist trying to break through in the YouTube scene.

  • Sean

    When did you decide u wanted to do videos on youtube and why?

  • todabeast

    Hey DeStorm, why does your watch only tell you what day it is and never the time?

  • lolzy

    As a rapper, do u like tupac?

  • John Pares
    John Pares

    What type of protein do you use when you work out? If you still use it?

  • lukas

    do u think JB is sexy?

  • Nica

    How do you get so much time to make these videos,workout,meet people,and have a social life?

  • Wann'makeit

    Hi, Leroy! I use to have it like yaw. U see the girl is trying to be hard to get. she wants you to hunt her. if u know what im sayin' .. well, flatter her, charm her, be nice, and then pull back! that way she'll come for you, if she really likes you. you have to do it fast, and take the chances, or it'll be over, and she's gon think that u dont want anything to do with her. trust me, dude. good luck!

  • HaruTune

    Who are your favourite Hip Hop beatmakers/producers?

  • Chris

    Do you have any idol? If yes,who is it?

  • Genrovd

    Did you have some bad moment or fail moment? and how you solve that?

  • Manok

    Can you please watch my video "Youtube Partner me" and tell me what you think of it, you inspired me to make videos like that.

  • JB

    How much do you earn?

  • paulryan17

    How do you stay so motivated all the time? Like is there any ritual you do to stay motivated or is it purely internal?

  • Wann'makeit

    How are you suppose to make a singing or an acting career come true, if you don't live in america? Can you get there, while your still under 18?

  • Stacie

    Will you still be at CES on Friday? I get in Thursday night!

  • Ahmad

    Dont you feel yourself naked without a cap :P

  • Leroy Doorn
    Leroy Doorn

    Yo Destorm, might even be a really serious question. And you seem the right person to ask it to. You see I have been talking to this girl at school like all the time, but she is diffecult to read, her signal she gives me are mixed. How can I break it down on how I feel about her. I mean I don't want to scare her out and make me look like a freak, I'm wondering what the right way is to approach this girl. Any tips or thoughts? Thanks for the answer in advance, Peace!

  • Goodson

    What advice would you give to a young hip-hop producer who wants to step his game up and what do you do when you run out of "inspiration"?

  • elise

    Which fellow youtube celeb would you most like to collaborate with?

  • rebecca

    when did you start rapping and writing? :)

  • carlos

    how did your perents come up with your name Destorm Powers?

  • Patrik

    When did you loose your virginity? ... yes I said it, now you have to answer ;)

  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess

    What's the grossest thing you've ever seen on the internet?

  • diana

    which musician or actor do you want to work with the most? like, who do you dream of working with and would make the ultimate collaborator?

  • cooperpooper

    what's one secret to becoming a YouTube success? what does it take to get to a million subs?