Director Steven Soderbergh: I Was Nervous to Shoot ‘Hunger Games’ Scenes

'Hunger Games' Casting
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The cast and crew of Hunger Games are taking their jobs very seriously. Director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s 11, Haywire) shot a few scenes of HG with his friend and director Gary Ross, and admitted to E! News that the experience made him quite nervous, even for an experienced professional such as himself. He explained:

 “If I’m shooting for me, I know when I’ve got what I want. But I’m shooting for Gary and I knew what he wanted and what the style of it was, but I was really nervous…I didn’t hear from him for two weeks so I’m like, ‘S–t!'”

However, Steven soon breathed a sigh of relief when he heard from Gary.

“And then finally he calls me and goes ‘Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t called. I’m so happy with the stuff,'” he added to E!. “And I was really worried, like I blew it.”

The highly anticipated book-turned-movie (hitting theaters March 23) is being hailed as the new Twilight and/or Harry Potter film franchise. To keep up with the hype, check out Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games video series. 

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