Guess Which Pop Star Just Shaved Part of Her Head? (PHOTOS)

Whoa there!

While many celebs have take to the shears for movie roles, this wild pop star decided to shave part of her head off -- just for fun!

Any guesses on who it could be?

It's Kesha!

The "We R Who We R" singer posted this photo on Twitter and said:

"animals! I just shaved the side of my head! wanna see a pic???"
That is quite the statement! Check out what the full 'do looks like by clicking through the gallery!



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  • Adnan

    Hee,I always thohgut you were beautiful and cute, but right now I see that you aren't. I am from the Netherlands and I love Doutzen a lot more than you. You haven't got any potential to be a model I think. You want it so bad. You struggled a lot and now you are at the top. But I think that you are FAKE MODEL!Sfcmeyye

  • whatzup

    God this thing is just so disgusting. She has no talent and she's fucking got the body of a 50 year old woman. How the hell did she get famous? I know. It's because nobody knows real talent anymore. When lady gaga is the best out there then you know you've hit rock bottom. Google kesha in a bathing suit. It's fucking gross. You'll want to claw your eyes out believe me.

  • Alexandre