Mark Wahlberg on 'Entourage' Movie: We're Going to Lose the Ladies & Go Crazy


Mark Wahlberg has a busy 2012 ahead. His latest film Contraband hits theaters this weekend and he just finished filming the Seth MacFarlene film Ted with Mila Kunis, which is due out this summer. 

His hit HBO show Entourage just wrapped last September and now people want to know, will there be a movie? Mark sets the rumors straight with GQ magazine.

"Oh, no, that's definitely something that we're actively trying to put together. We're just waiting for [series creator] Doug [Ellin] to write the script." the man formerly known as Marky Mark confirmed,  also going on to share that the idea had always been a part of the plan. "People were complaining that episodes were too short."

Mark, 40, is the executive producer of the Emmy nominated series, and it's always been thought that the show mirrored the actor's actual life. 

So what would a movie about the life of Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) and the crew revolve around? "I think a 90-minute movie of sheer craziness—the guys getting back to just being about the guys, you know? Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want." 

It sounds like a potential Hangover-esque plot when he puts it that way. Based on Mark's vision of the movie, will you be watching the Entourage film? Share your thoughts in the comment box below! 



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  • Julian de Villiers
    Julian de Villiers

    I would love it!!! I am from South Africa and love it. I hope it comes here too. PLEEEAAASeeee!!! A 9th Season would be so cool. Easy... Vinnies new bride chickened out, turns out E's ex had a false alarm and Ari breaks promises all the time. His loving wife will forgive him. Mine does;-) Story line is believable. Please do a season 9;-)

  • Kasper1125us

    Just 90m? No Movie We Wont The Show Best

  • seb

    Please do not fucking make it like Hangover one of the cheapest comedy movies ever. Mark's really going to kill the ending if he decides to make it like HO2...Please don't kill the greatest show ever Mark!

  • samuel h.
    samuel h.

    seriously if they give the sex and the city broads a show, I know the viewers would love this... I hope Ellin goes through with it!

  • tsmith

    why did Entourage wrap neway? i just started watching it! would definitely go see movie, love Ari's character......LLOYD!!!!!!!! come on season 9!!!

  • ssalunkhe

    Finally the rumors are turning into facts, Entourage folks have decided to make an Entourage movie! Nice change of pace from 30 mins shows on small screen

  • Ham

    Oh yeah, will definitely watch this like 10 times in theaters.

  • Stephen Lilly
    Stephen Lilly

    Origianl rumors were that it would be a trilogy i would hope for a trilogy more then just one movie there are alot of people that would probably agree

  • Shayaan Sheikh
    Shayaan Sheikh

    Hell yeah!!! why FUCKING not????