Nene Leakes Reveals Fear About ‘Glee’ Role (PHOTOS)

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Although she never backs down from a fight on The Real Housewives of AtlantaNene Leakes says she does have some reservations when it comes to her next TV project, playing a swim coach on Glee

In a new interview with, the outspoken reality star also talks about her private life and the rumors that she’s joining the Beverly Hills cast. 

“I’ve been really worried about the water,” she admits when talking about her role on Glee.

“I’m a black girl. I can’t get my hair all wet! I’m sure they will find a way to get me in the water and I will just die.”

See pics from Nene’s upcoming episode in the gallery! 

When the conversation turns personal she reveals that she’s still working on her marriage, despite problems with her hubby being a focus on RHOA, saying, “I will never have a public relationship again. That’s one of the regrets I have is putting my relationship out there. Greg and I are not totally done.” 

Meanwhile, while nothing is confirmed, she says she’d welcome the chance to move to Beverly Hills.

“I would come and play with these Beverly Hills girls,” she says. “I would give them a run for their money!” 

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