Readers Respond: Do You Think Lindsay Lohan is Making a Comeback?

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Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is making her way back into headlines for something other than court dates these days.

The 25-year-old actress and socialite just posed in a racy photo spread for Playboy magazine and is recently rumored to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime original movie project entitled Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story. It would follow Taylor’s notorious relationship with former husband and fellow-actor Richard Burton.

She also just showed up in an ad campaign for Philipp Plein’s spring collection as seen in the photos above. 

We asked all you Celebuzz readers out there to give us your take on whether you think Lindsay is finally making a comeback to Hollywood. Here’s what you had to say:

Mairaa Paaz- “Yes. she is human and makes mistakes, we are not one to judge because we are not perfect.”

Roxanne Rice- “No, I think she needs to grow up and get done with all her probation and things before she takes on all these new things. I think she needs to make her life all better first!”

Lisa Marie- “I wish the girl a lot of luck. I hope she gets herself together. It’s got to be rough without any support.”

Cheryl Kelly- “She doesn’t have anything ‘to come back to.’ She’s been troubled for so long that her name is synonymous with failure.”

Dannette L Veas Johnson-“I hope she makes a turn around! We all have to make mistakes to succeed in life! Unfortunately she did hers in the public eye!”

Bex M Akers- “I still have some hope for her, but it could very well be too late. She has burned a ton of bridges and portrayed herself very poorly in recent years, so we’ll see. I’m on the fence with this one.”

Tanya Spahmann- “She’ll make a comeback when she figures out who she is.”

What do you think of Lilo making a comeback? Share your comments below!