Robert Pattinson Debuts Shaved Head, Wins Big at 2012 People's Choice Awards (PHOTOS)

Showing off his shaved 'do, Robert Pattinson hit the stage to accept the 2012 People's Choice Award: Favorite Drama Movie for his film Water for Elephants. He looks good with that Waterford Crystal trophy!

"I don't even know why they're having me accept this. There were so many people who worked on this film... When I was doing this movie, it was so much fun. I didn't even care if anyone saw it.. but now they're giving awards for it, so I'm even more thankful for the whole experience," R-Pattz said, thanking all the fans who voted.

Watch his speech below!

Earlier in the night, Rob was all smiles -- cracking jokes with 90-year-old Hot in Cleveland star Betty White. Aww! How cute.

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  • Cathy

    He has such a weird body; Big hips and narrow shoulders. EKKK!

  • Emma


  • aditi121


  • simplydiffer

    The buzzcut . . . no. Doesn't fit him. It ages him so much and kinda makes him look like a drunkard. I'm glad he won for WFE because he did a good job with that movie.

  • Jerry

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  • Tricia

    He may have cut it off for a role. No one really knows. I find he is a versatile actor, and he is quite humble. Way to go.

  • LIZ

    He looks like a druggie to me!

  • LIZ

    This guy disrespected the entire event w/his ugly new haircut, scraggly face, and clothes that were SOOOOO imappropriate! what an insult to the many that dressed up for their fans, and the honor of being invited, and/or nominated! typical UK assh**e......send em all home.. Piers M. can go FIRST!

  • Deborah

    Well said Natasha!!!!

  • Deborah

    Keep the long hair!! That's his crowning glory! I do understand though why he may need to cut it occasionally to keep it healthy if you color it! BTW - Twilight was OK but he was spectacular in Water for Elephants and especially Remember Me! Watch them if you want to see his REAL talent!

  • Christi

    Okay I went and looked at all the pictures and don't get where you guys think he looks heavy? I think he looks great. He has worn clothes like this to awards shows before, so this is no different. And the hair? Again he has shaved it off before, this is not new either. He is in between movies so is relaxing and being himself, leave him alone, nothing can take away his hotness and the hair will be back soon!!

  • lovernotafighter

    Seriously, I don't think he meant he didn't care if anyone saw the movie. I think he meant he wasn't sure if anyone would see or like the movie. He wanted the experience of working with those actors and the animals. Now he is thankful that people liked it. Geez, give the guy a break. I happen to like his hair short. Good for you Rob, do your own thing.

  • lasark

    ok,look at this way,how many times has he had to color his hair hmmmm....and if your a guy you can get away with shaving it off to the scalp (which he did) to allow healthy regrowth,we women just keep coloring and coloring till our hair is dry as toast.I dont think its for a movie (since his hair grows rapidly)he just wanted it to look healthy again.KISS..keep it simple sometimes the best drama

  • Laarni

    I tend to agree with you. The fans voted for him to have this honour, and their deeds were being announced at this special event. And how did he repay them? By going to this special event dressed as if he was just going to a corner pub. It seemed that he was making a mockery of the event. I hope his statement saying that he couldn't care less if anyone saw the movie, won't haunt him in his future movies. I am fond of Rob, but please fans, he was not right this time around.

  • fabgirl

    only ugy people like you dislike good looking, talented ones like rob..

  • Kelly

    Maybe he thinks if he Uggs Up, he won't have throngs of women following his every move and he can get some sanity and privacy back into his life. Probably won't work though.

  • ch

    How simply stunning do you have to be for ANY hairstyle to still look great. He is perfection from every angle.

  • JLT

    wowza... gorgeous...

  • JLT

    Wow, Natasha, are you just going around to any article with Rob accepting his PCA award and spewing the same drivel? He looks fantastic and was gracious in his acceptance speech. Get over yourself.

  • mariaNNa

    He still looks SEXY to me!

  • Natasha

    What the hell has he done to himself? There’s nothing wrong with being good-looking etc. These are natural gifts. You can still be taken seriously (you are already Rob) and still look great. To deliberately get heavy and cut off glorious, wild hair, then turn up to the PCA’s looking like he might as well be called ‘dave’ from Walthamstow is a travesty. ‘Ugging up’ is a crass way to impersonate credibility and/or tell those around you that you are asserting control. Relax and enjoy the gifts youth and genes bestow Rob. They won’t be here forever.

  • LAKinPA

    Why does the appreciation some people have for Rob Pattinson bother you SO MUCH. Does it bother you equally when they admire Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, Aston Kutcher or any of the other attractive actors? You appear to be suffering from Rob Pattinson Derangement Syndrome. You should figure out exactly which wires are touching in your head and fix it . And I'm sure there is a lot of stuff in this world that is "beyond you" because you sound really closed down and kind of sicko.

  • Klaas

    Wow, how disgusting does he look?What a fugly beard. And how he always desperately wants to be original, this time by leaving the shirt unbuttoned,it's pathetic.How anyone can look into this mans face and say he's good looking is beyond me.

  • chris

    Congrats to Water for Elephants and all the cast and crew. Wonderful movie!!


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