Friendly Exes! Courteney Cox Calls David Arquette 'My Best Friend' (PHOTOS)

Courteney Cox and David Arquette aren't letting their breakup get in the way of their friendship! While at the Cougar Town TCA party this week, the former Friends star had nothing but nice things to say about her ex and her baby's daddy. She gushed (via
"He's my favorite person in the world. He's my best friend. No matter what happens in our future, he's my very best friend."
The two called it quits in 2010 after 11 years of marriage and having their child Coco, but have been very adament about keeping a friendship, a seen in these recent Courteney quotes. The actress even attended David's one year sobriety party this past month. 

Click the pics to see more friendly exes.

The actors share a production company called Coquette Productions, and are developing a show that sounds vaguely similar to the former couple's experience. "We sold one show, Ten Year, about a couple who separated after 10 years of marriage," she told People. "It's not really about David and me, but it's something we related to and we thought we should tell a story about people who could actually get along after being separated. It's telling a different version."



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  • luvlyhoneybabe

    Wow look at her chest! That is disturbing! Waaaay to thin....skinny doesn't neccesarily mean healthy....

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    Yes this is a very bad picture of them, but I think it's awesome that they still have a great relationship even though they can't be married to one another.