Kelly Osbourne Weighs in on 'Hunger Games'--Is She Team Gale? (PHOTOS)

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BFF's Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus ran into each other at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and when we ran into them, we wanted to know if Kelly was as big of a Liam Hemsowrth fan as his girlfriend Miley. Onscreen, we mean.

Cyrus told us "it's safe to say" she's Team Gale when it comes to The Hunger Games...but what about Kelly?

"That's hard to say right now," Kelly O told us when we asked if she was too. "I am a [fan] but I've read part of the first [book] only. I'm only halfway through."

Somehow we have a feeling once the movie comes around, Osbourne will stick with her gal-pal and root for Liam's character!



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  • Sophie O
    Sophie O


  • Rosealeaha

    I think Kelly is beautiful also she has come a long way in life! Kudos Kelly! P.s. I love the darker hair, looks much more natural on you! Hugs

  • Kassy

    on not are.

  • Kassy

    Her makeup doesn't match her skin tone are her neck. lol.

  • someone

    for a moment i thought that lady in white top and red skirt was selena gomez with a wig... :/

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  • julie

    Kelly O. ugly as ever, never nice.

  • Leigha

    Pshhh, if she was REALLY into it, she wouldn't have been able to put the book down ;)