Olivia Munn Unveils Her Naked PETA Billboard Ads (PHOTOS)

Olivia Munn is baring all and is the latest celebrity to take part in PETA's ongoing nude, anti-fur ads. She debuted the skin-baring ads on Thursday afternoon at Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

In the billboard, the actress strikes a sultry pose in the buff alongside a bunny with a slogan reading: "Who Needs Fur To Feel Beautiful?"

In a campaign release, Munn opened up about the campaign, saying "When you think about even that little tiny trim of fur on your gloves or on your collar, that is still coming from an animal that had to endure so much pain just for you."

Olivia added, "There's nothing good about pretending like you don't know."

Watch Olivia talk about the anti-fur campaign and why she'd rather go naked than wear fur.



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  • Sarah

    You're calling PETA stupid when you can't even use the right "there"? You are seriously under educated, on animals and on spelling.

  • Orgawayilliny

    вы очень кстати - тyт y нас pазвpат

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  • Cameron

    If the animals are raised for there skin or whatever, what does it matter. There raised for a purpose. Just like farmers farming for food for us. Animals are raised for clothing for us. And im sure the meat from the animals are tossed out, BOOM! theres food, there raising the animals to use the skin and meat. PETA is stupid, since the dawn of time we/ve used animals for clothing, just because now there raising animals for a purpose it wrong. Its better so were not killing "wild" animals for that stuff, but ether way raised animals or wild, who cares.

  • TSM

    Actually PETA is a bunch of animal loving hippies who work tirelessly to make us aware of how cruelly we inflict incredible suffering on other beings for our own comfort. God bless 'em.

  • Cameron

    who gives a shit about PETA lol Bunch a tree f**king hippies.

  • lilybaby

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  • TSM

    Oh my God you fool. The fashion industry doesn't get its fur from pelts from Grizzly Adams types who would otherwise throw them away. It gets fur from fur farms where animals are raised, often in deplorable conditions and then slaughtered because many jackasses among us think they look good wearing it. One more reason to like Olivia Munn.

  • Ross

    It was hot until they started showing the clips of people killing animals. She didn't focus on animals being used as food or pelts being used to keep people warm. She focused on fur trim as a fashion style, where it would be used to look good rather than keep someone warm. I don't think that anyone is a "brainwashed moron" for considering treating animals that way as wrong.

  • bbb

    Hot? Definitely. Too bad she's another brainwashed moron

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  • Tim

    Who cares? Go naked in Alaska; it's only -20 there, balmy. People hunt animals for food. The skins are a useful tool. Where do you think leather comes from? Rabbit is delicious. The pelts are useful. We should, instead, throw them away? How stupid can you get?

  • John

    Like anyone takes PETA seriously? HA

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