Sammi Sweetheart on ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 5: Less Drama, More Friendships (PHOTOS)

Sammi Talks Romance
Why does she keep going back to Ron?!?
Sammi Hits Vegas
Sammi Sweetheart brings the party to Las Vegas!
Jersey Shore, wildly known for the jam-packed drama and the late nights, skated across television screens on January 5th for the start of the series’ fifth season. 

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola – who is busily promoting her new fragrance “Dangerous” — chatted with Celebuzz on Wednesday night about season five while attending her bottle signing at New York City’s Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

“This season is different because it shows us actually having a lot more fun and a little less drama,” the reality star explained. A little less drama? We’ll see about that! She quickly adds, “And of course, there’s always drama.”

As Shore fans recall, season four took place across the pond in Florence, Italy where a riled up Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino experienced a trip to the hospital. Nothing can quite compare with the drama of last season (or can it?), and with the show revisiting Seaside Heights, fans may breathe a sigh of relief. That doesn’t suggest that the new season won’t have its own fair share of quarrels.

As far as lessons learned from the show, Sammi told Celebuzz

“I feel like every [season] I learn a lesson. I think being able to think more positive about certain situations and making more friends than not having any friends. Season five is going to be me definitely having some relationships with everyone in the house.”

Sammi is probably referring to her on-again, off-again romance with her housemate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro that has been exposed on the show. Are you excited for what Jersey Shore season five has in store? Let us know what you want to see this season from Sammi Sweetheart in the comments below!

Before Sweetheart  dashed off to pose for pics, she gave us a little insight behind her sexy and sensual new fragrance, “Dangerous”:

“I worked with one of my great friends Paul Morrison and he came up with the concept ‘dangerous.’ I thought it played off to me because I can be dangerous and sweet at times, as we all know. The scent is really sweet; it has some vanilla and some almond in it. It’s very sweet and sensual. It’s something that I feel can feel like myself in a bottle.”

If perfume isn’t enough for the Guidettes, you can also expect her to explore lines involving hair, lip-gloss, and even eye lash products in the future. She notes, “keep your eyes open.”