Very-Pregnant Jennifer Garner Goes Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Garner could give birth at any day now, that but hasn't stopped her from running some errands before the big day arrives.

The Alias beauty, who is pregnant with her third child, did a little grocery shopping this week at Whole Foods, where she showed off her ginormous baby bump in a casual maternity sweater and jeans. The actress was also seen chatting on her phone as she picked out some essential items.

No word yet on the sex of her baby. Jen currently has two children, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 2, with husband Ben Affleck.

Does Jen's baby bump rival Jessica Simpson's? Check it out now in our gallery!



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  • Lauren

    Well I definitely get why people think it sounds sort of rude. It's almost like they're saying she's abnormally large for a pregnant woman, which she definitely is not. So I don't think they meant it in an offensive way.

  • Cyn

    Well I am a woman I can tell you I was very heavily pregnant. Its another way of saying she is close to full term. There is nothing wrong with it.. Its not like he said she was called fat or obese. Nothing wrong with "heavily pregnant."...

  • Jerry

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  • JustSaying

    Rude to you perhaps, but it's a commonly used phrase, particularly in UK journalism. Take 2 seconds and stick it in Google.

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    EXACTLY!!!! Why does she have to be heavily preggo! Thats stupid to say! She is PREGNANT!

  • Jackie

    Whoever wrote the caption has obviously NEVER been pregnant! You do not say a woman is "HEAVILY" pregnant. It's rude and just wrong!!!