Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Found Me Having 'Complete Breakdown' in Shower

Angelina Jolie may seem to have it all together when the cameras are on, but she admitted in a live stream chat on Thursday night that even she has her breaking points. 

The actress, 36, has recently turned director with her new film In the Land of Blood & Honey and disclosed that the task was a little overwhelming for her. "I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad [Pitt] found me crying," she revealed (via London Daily Mail). "I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small and, who am I to take this on? ... I had a complete meltdown."

The actress added, "I didn't plan to become a director, and I still have trouble saying I'm a director. I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director."

Check out the trailer for Angelina's new movie and let us know if you'll be seeing the flick in the comments below.  



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