‘Bridesmaids’ Director Talks About Casting Melissa McCarthy & Possibility of a Sequel

Melissa Talks 'SNL'
Melissa McCarthy on her 'SNL' hosting gig!
Bridesmaids picked up the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Comedy Thursday night, and the hilarious film is also up for Best Motion Picture–Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday. 

Director Paul Feig talked to Celebuzz on the carpet yesterday where he discussed how he ended up casting the fabulous Melissa McCarthy and the drama surrounding sequel rumors.

“Melissa was right at the end actually, she was one of the last people we saw,” Paul told us about MM, who in our opinion stole the movie.

So how did he find her?

“She came in and I had never worked with her before. She’s a force of nature. She’s Melissa! She came in with this take on a character that was already funny and well written, but did it a way that we didn’t expect it to be done. When she came in it took me a minute, I thought ‘Wait, what’s going on?’ I had never seen it done that way. She’s so inventive, and just a comedy director’s dream. Someone who brings you new stuff all the time, and surprises you. I can’t speak highly enough about her.”

Rumors of drama surrounding Kristen Wiig and a Bridesmaids sequel hit the internet this week, leaving the fate of a second film up in the air. So would Paul come back and direct?

“If we could come up with something great that is good or better than the first one, that’s the biggest thing to me,” he said. “I hate when something is great and then the next one is not good and almost taints the memory of the first one. I’m very respectful of what we did and our work. That said, if it all aligned I would do it.”

As for other funny ladies Paul would like to work with?

“I love Anne Hathaway and Reese Withserpoon, but there are so many women who are not known by the public yet who are hilarious. In a weird way I think my favorite thing would be to assemble a new group of women to introduce to the world.”

Good luck to the Bridesmaids cast at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards!