Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Cobra Starship a Question!

Cobra Starship Celebrity Mailbag
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You've had a number of their catchy tunes stuck in your head for who knows how long, but now is your chance to ask them anything you want!

That's right, Celebuzz is gearing up to sit down with Cobra Starship, and we want YOU to submit your questions! So, from now until Friday January 20 at 10 AM EST, we'll be taking your questions for the hit group.

How do you submit your burning questions?

Simply “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and enter your question for the band in the comments section below! We’ll gather them all and send them along to Cobra Starship, who will pick their favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

We’ll be taking submissions until Friday January 20 at 10 AM EST. Just leave a comment below, and check back soon for Cobra Starships’s Celebrity Mailbag response!

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  • MiddleFingerUp

    Group question: would you rather be able to fly or read minds?

  • Cheyenne

    i love music, and singing. but would you ever let a fan, feature on one of your songs, and if so, how could they catch your eye?

  • Fangsuplifestyle

    Even though Nightshades is the beez neez, will you guys be playing old songs on tour like Angie or Keep it simple?

  • Janelle

    Do you guys ever check tumblr pages about yourselves?

  • Carli Lutz
    Carli Lutz

    Where do you guys see yourself in 5 years?

  • Nala

    What was your favorite tour to do and why?

  • Nala

    Hey guys! It's 2012 and there's been lots of talk about the end of world. In guilty pleasure, you guys promised a party at the end of the world. With that in mind, WHEN'S THE PARTY?!

  • Becky

    If you weren't in Cobra Starship, what, do you think, would you be doing instead?

  • Shauna

    If you could trade places with anyone else in the band who would it be and why.

  • dan776

    What song of your albums do you prefer?

  • JustPatricia

    What's your favorite Panic! At The Disco song and why?

  • cookedcobra

    if you did come to the uk would you come to the north east? been dying to see you guys for literally a million years! xxx

  • Charlotte Richardson
    Charlotte Richardson

    When will you tour britain/europe? I would so love to see you guys live :3

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    A job so hard and annoying you vowed to never do it again?

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    What is your favorite Disney Princess?... Or Disney character. Alex, never answered.

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    Puerto Rico, I would promote you... spiritually and metally. Or not even on tour! Why not vacate? We have one of the most beutiful beaches in the world! Wouldn't you like to come?

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    Dudes and dudette! You have to come to Puerto Rico before the world ends!

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    Something you consider you don't talk about enough?

  • Andrea (PR)
    Andrea (PR)

    The most memorable thing a fan has told you.

  • Jezzika

    For Gabe: As a latin, you should have 2 last names. What's the second one?

  • Linda RN
    Linda RN

    Hi I'm an ER nurse and would like to supply branded scrubs for your store so your fans in healthcare can wear them at work please. contact me thanks

  • Jezzika

    If you could be anyone else of the band besides yourselves, who would you be?

  • Jezzika

    If you could be someone of the same label (FBR) who would you be?

  • Jezzika

    Do you still keep something of your neon Viva La Cobra clothes? Like Gabe's zebra pants?

  • Jezzika

    Best Warped Tour memory? or... Best tour memory?

  • Jezzika

    When you were at Mexico on the Bieber Tour, I gave Nate a letter for all of you to read it. Did he give it of you or do I have to punch him in the face?

  • Jezzika

    Has anyone in the band been arrested? When and why? (I saw in the season 1 of CobraCam.tv that Gabe actually was. So, don't you dare to lie) Just so you know, in Mexico and Southamerica we're still waiting for you, guise. Mucho amor.

  • C.O.N.I. (@conii18) CHILE
    C.O.N.I. (@conii18) CHILE

    hola!! mi pregunta para los chicos de cobra starship es: (son varias preguntas en una! :D ) ¿como fue su experiencia en Chile, si volveran a hacer un concierto solos aca, si haran canciones en español como placer culpable y que les parece la idea de hacer un video musical con imagenes de latinoamerica? y obio que tenga que salir Chile seria genial! bueno espero que este año este lleno de exito para cada uno de ustedes chicos!! los amo! <3 hello! my question to the guys from cobra starship is (are several questions in one: D) How was your experience in Chile, if they'll do a concert here alone, if they will do songs in Spanish as a guilty pleasure and I think the idea of making a music video with images of Latin America? and obio you have to leave Chile would be great! well I hope that this year is full of success for each of you guys! I love!! <3 (esta traduccion la saque de google nose si estara bien escrito)

  • Precious Anne
    Precious Anne

    I really wanna go to your concert on March 8 (Philippines). I studied hard in order to have extra allowance so that I could afford your VIP ticket. And there I was, really successful and glad. But unfortunately my mom wouldn't allow me to go, 'cause she cares for my safety. I agreed, but is so sad. What I wish is to just hear your music, is all. CSForever. <3

  • Micaela

    What was your favorite thing about 2011?

  • Giordi

    This ones for Nate, does the last name DeAngelo ring any bells?

  • Giuliana

    What was the coolest thing you found in Brazil?

  • FangstaCharlotte

    How do you feel about people calling you "Sell Outs"??

  • Yazmin

    Will there ever be a season 3 of CobraCam?

  • Roberta

    Half of the brazilian girls in the justin bibier concert didn’t know nothing about Cobra starship ,the girls are about 12,13 year old!!Sad because this guys are really awesome

  • AutomaticEyes

    are the guys planning on doing another tour by themselves and are they planning on coming to latinamerica soon?

  • Roberta

    Half of the brazilian girls in the justin bibier concert didn't know nothing about Cobra starship ,the girls are about 12,13 year old!!Sad because this guys are really awesome

  • Dan

    What are the chances that you will start playing songs from your first album again?

  • Megan Baker
    Megan Baker

    What was your favorite song to record off of Viva la Cobra?

  • shir

    would you like to come to israel??

  • jaquedek

    How was the brazil tour with Justin Bieber?

  • Mily

    If you could collaborate with ANY artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

  • Barbie

    When will you do a latin america tour? :3 I want to see you guys. Do you liked México? Are you working on new music?

  • Roberta

    what did you guys think about Brazil ? And what do you think of Brazilian girls?

  • Awe Electrohop
    Awe Electrohop

    Do u want to go tour around Canada? <3

  • UltimateGabeS

    What does your Parents think about Cobra Starship

  • Martha

    I got a question to Cobra Starship :D Exist a posibility of you return to latin america in a tour alone without justin bieber nor any other artist? Love you guys <3 :D

  • AnddyFangsta

    will return to Mexico? Victoria is my inspiration. happy birthday :D

  • Fangsta

    you liked mexico?

  • Victor Vinicius
    Victor Vinicius

    What was the biggest demonstration of affection that a fan already demonstrated for band?

  • Victor Vinicius
    Victor Vinicius

    And that they have felt by opening the concert of Justin Bieber in South America?