‘Community’ Star Donald Glover Reveals Man Crush on Daniel Craig (PHOTOS)

'Tattoo' Premiere
Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara hit the red carpet.
Who doesn’t love Daniel Craig?

In a recent interview with GQ, hilarious Community star Donald Glover talked about a number of topics, but ultimately started dishing on the hunky Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actor.

When the mag asked who Donald would pick as his best dressed (British) man, this is what he had to say:

“Daniel Craig. Man, that’s a good-looking dude. Every time I see him I think, “I’d totally do him”. He exudes a confidence that I want. He’s got these weird zombie eyes that are piercing – you don’t want to look into them but you can’t help yourself. He’s always dressed super-well but doesn’t look like he’s trying. I like the polos on his broad shoulders.”

Love it!

This got us thinking about all those other same sex celeb crushes, because it’s not just the dudes who are admitting their guy crushes. Ladies are feeling the love, too!

Hilary Duff recently revealed she is girl crushing on Charlize Theron, while Emma Stone has admitted to digging Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.

So, which other celebs have confessed their same-sex crushes? Click through the gallery to find out, then share your crush in the comments!