Couple Alert! Adele Cuddles Up to New Beau Simon Konecki and Pup (PHOTOS)

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Someone one like who? Looks like Adele's ex love -- who inspired her mega-hit heartfelt album 21 -- is surely a thing of the past! The "Rolling in the Deep" singer was just spotted looking happier than ever with her new boyfriend and Life Water founder Simon Konecki.

The pair were seen leaving Sid Owen's 40th Birthday Party at Gilgamesh Restaurant in Camden on Jan. 12. They weren't alone either, the couple met up with her adorable pet pup (wearing a jacket) outside. Adele's eyes lit up when someone greeted her with the dog as she smiled ear to ear.

Adele took a break from performing to undergo throat surgery but have no fear, she is almost ready to take the stage after a four-month hiatus. When can we expect to hear her amazing voice again?

At the Brit Awards on Feb. 21, 2012!  Adele has received three nominations and is set to make her debut comeback singing her ballads live at the show. Check out her tear-jerking performance below from last year's show.



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  • hollywoodpinata

    Sometimes i put on adeles album and cry myself to sleep...oh..its not because of her album. Its because my girlfriend makes me put it on to drown out the sound of me crying after she makes fun of pp and tells me stories about how "big" he ex was.---hollywoodpinata. com

  • lilybaby

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  • simplydiffer

    This makes me wonder what Adele's next album would sound like if she's in love and in a healthy relationship . . . CAN'T WAIT (if it happens).