Exclusive: George Clooney Spills on What Nearly Killed His Masculinity

George & Stacy in Cabo
They take their love down South
George Takes Venice
George Clooney at the ‘Ides of March’ premiere.
Celebuzz loves us some George Clooney, and clearly we aren’t alone. George won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor, beating out buddy Brad Pitt (who he hugged on his way to the podium) despite actually rooting for his Moneyball pal.

George definitely deserved the award, not just because of his amazing performance in The Descendants … but for putting up with his Hawaiian fatherly-esque wardrobe. 

“I know! Yeah, that was almost ending all masculinity,” George told Celebuzz backstage in the press room when we gave him props for pulling off the tropical dad look. “The minute you pull the khakis up about there, and the Hawaiian shirt tucked in to down there…”

Oh, and for the record, we totally threw out that George should rock a custom Tommy Bahama suit to the Golden Globes on Sunday.

“It will change the way I live, unfortunately,” George laughed when asked if his on set wardrobe will put a dent in his real life closet.

But in all seriousness, we also asked Mr. Clooney what his “a-ha” moment was when he realized this film was going to influence so many people:

Probably Telluride [Film Festival]. It was the first time it showed it to a big audience and a critical audience. It was the first time we understood and heard people laughing. The funniest thing is there are a few moments in the film that you knew would be funny, but there were a lot of those that were always there as the director, but weren’t necessarily there for the actors. It was nice to hear some of the laughter because that really set up some of the really rough stuff later.

Best of luck to George at Sunday’s Golden Globes! If you can’t tell, Celebuzz will be rooting for you.