'Glee' Covers Mash-Up of 'Moves Like Jagger' & 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' (VIDEO)

After several successful seasons, Glee is practically a pro at combining music's biggest hits into awesome mash-ups.

In their upcoming episode titled "Yes/No," the New Directions take up covering Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" and The Rolling Stones' classic "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (quite appropriate pairing, if you ask us). In the clip, Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. proves that they've got the rock legend's moves, but Matthew Morrison shows us that he's the one with the guns. 

Check out their performance in the video above!

Well Gleeks, did these boys do The Rolling Stones justice? Sound off in the comments!


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  • Nicki Savarino
    Nicki Savarino

    Jeff should level with eveyone and just admit that the move to new smaller facility wasn't a matter of "down-sizing" but rather a matter of necessity. The old facility was foreclosed on on October 31, 2011 according to court records. I hope the smaller facility is a profit center for Team Curran and that the business can remain a going concern but, in my humble opinion, Jeff should just be honest about the "move."

  • o0simon0o

    *mash-up ... not cover -_____- sorry, my bad. I'm not a singer but I really like this show but I wouldn't have made a mash-up with Moves Like Jagger. However, I can understand that a lot of people gonna love it... Everyone has is own opinion.

  • o0simon0o

    I think this is their worst cover ... :/