Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Play at the Chelsea Piers (PHOTOS)

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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Play at the Chelsea Piers

It might be chilly in NYC, but that won't stop little Suri Cruise from having a play day!

Katie Holmes took her adorable 5-year-old daughter to play at the Chelsea Piers in NYC on Friday, so the two could avoid the cold (and windy!) weather.

We feel like we never see Suri's hair up!

Suri usually wears her long brunette locks down!

Do you like Suri wearing her hair up like this? We do!

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • jacksteen

    Quite impossible. SooWee was born to a Korean devotee of the filthy cult, dunged to life from some gack David Miscavige coughed up from Elron Hubbard and frozen in spunk-packs in the 70's for eventual cult use. There simply are NO photos of Katie H pregnant, 'cuz it never happened.

  • jacksteen

    Inappropriately dressed little dirty-haired Korean girl. And who's the skinny Stepford-looking Nanny with her ?

  • wrlbs

    why is Katie always carring Suri, she is five yrs old, the same with other parents. WHY ?

  • Jack Steen
    Jack Steen

    The little Korean adoptee is now SIX YEARS OLD, and STILL being CARRIED like a roundbottom, spoiled brat.

  • moonlady

    I agree. I dont think her parents have anything to do with what she wears, since she usually has on heels!

  • mw

    5 years old and still carrying a blanket and being carried. weird

  • hollywoodpinata

    I love katie holmes..she's so funny! i met her once while she was out walking with tom and suri in new york. i asked for their autographs and tom was kind of intense a declined. But katie insisisted on giving me one! when I got home and read it instead of her autograph she wrote "please help us" on it!!! Hahahaha..what a sense of humor she has!!--hollywoodpinata. com

  • wendy

    This little girl looks more and more like Chris Klein, her mom's former fiance -- the older she gets, the stronger the resemblance.

  • julie

    What is this girl doing in a summer dress with a coat? Don't the parents have a say in her choice of clothes? This is soooooo strange.