Katy Perry Emerges Post-Separation From Russell Brand to Pose with Fan (PHOTO)


Katy Perry was looking a little blue when she posed with a fan on Thursday night. Of course, we're only talking about the "ET" singer's blue hair as she was all smiles amid the announcement that she's split from her husband Russell Brand. 

The fan spotted Katy while she was filming an Adidas commercial in Santa Barbara, Calif. Though we now know she was in the Los Angeles area this week, the pop star decided it best not to attend the People's Choice Awards despite winning seven awards. 

The fan shared with Splash News that Katy was "in great spirits."

"It was great to see her, I met her a couple times before," fan Eric Berlanger said. "I am a big fan! She was great, really nice, she seemed happy."

Though she decided not to attend the Wednesday night People's Choice, she did show her gratitude on Twitter. She wrote: "THANK U to every1 who voted for me for the @peopleschoice tonight! We won so many! Now I need to get more books 2 successfully display them!"



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  • danielleakame

    doesnt really look like her. but ok...

  • anon

    OMG. It's not like she's going to be bawling her eyes out to a fan. She posed for a picture and smiled. That's WAYYY better than scowling.. now isnt it?

  • simplydiffer

    Katy Perry changes her haircolor more than Casey Anthony changes lies.

  • Michael Compton
    Michael Compton

    lol... says the guy haunting a hottie celeb site....

  • dreka man
    dreka man

    I wish she would return to her raisein and repent and live for God

  • Lo

    I love the blue hair!

  • Lo

    How is she a bitch? HE filed for divorce! At least she's trying to move on with her life

  • fr

    She is all smiles! What a bitch! Poor Russell...