Kim Kardashian's High-Waisted Trousers: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving Barney's in Beverly Hills Thursday, Jan. 12, sporting some very high and very tight khaki-colored wide-leg pants.

The reality star looked in great spirits as she shopped with a friend. She paired her trousers with a red blouse and one of her many fabulous Hermes handbags. We're loving this look but what do you think of Kim K's high-waisted style: Yay or Nay? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few reviews in the comments. 

What else was Kim up to on Thursday around town?

Meetings, meetings and a trip to the nail salon! Kim's a busy girl but still manages to look sexy-chic!

This fashionista isn't the only one who's been spotted in questionable bottoms. Check out Kim's friend Heidi Klum in very wide-leg park pants in the gallery below! Whoa! 

Like Kim K., we think Charlize Theron can pull off the high-waisted look but click through the pics below to decide for yourself. 

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  • hollywoodpinata

    She is pretty, but i would be afraid to spoon with her because if she ever farted the tremendous force of her gas would probably push my dinaling so hard inward that it would hang insideout out of my butt and i would look pretty silly going to work with my pants on backwards---hollywoodpinata. com

  • Kardashian nation
    Kardashian nation

    LOVE IT!! she can rock anything! she does not look fat u dumb haters! wow

  • Alexandra

    they're one size too small :(..

  • sid

    she looks fatter than khloe..but khloe is not fat cause she got height

  • AlaBella

    High-waisted straight trousers are NOT flattering when you have wide hips like Kim. It accentuates them and makes you look bigger


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