Sexy Quarterback Showdown! Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady: Who's Hotter? (POLL)

If your office or social circle is anything like Celebuzz, there's those that are Team Tebow and those that are Team Tom. As the highly anticipated playoff (more like face-off) game against the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots on Saturday will pit quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Tom Brady against each other, we thought it best to pose the question: Which QB is hotter?

Cast your vote in the poll, and stand by your man in the comments. Celebuzz editors Amanda Hasaka (Team Tebow) and Jackie Willis (Team Tom) did just that when they faced off on who's the hottest pro of them all: Tim or Tom?!?

Check out our arguments below. 

In Defense of Tom Brady

Not every man can stand next to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and feel confident, but her gorgeous husband (and baby's daddy) Tom Brady has done just that. Before Tim had even hit the pros, Tom was making ladies swoon in the stands and in Hollywood (you may recall he once dated and had a child with actress Bridget Moynahan).

Tom, 34, has honed in on his heartthrob skills and swagger by posing for magazine covers (GQ, Details, Esquire) and modeling for Stetson among others. While Tebow is still proving he has what it takes on the field, Tom has proven that he's a hottie with staying power. 

Whoever wins on Saturday (go Patriots), it's safe to say that Tom is sure to keep his title as the hottest quarterback in the NFL. 

In Defense of Tim Tebow

While Tom Brady has long been the son of football (he does have more than a few Super Bowl rings under his belt), you can’t deny someone that has been deemed as “God’s Quarterback.” There's also something sexy about Tim "playing hard to get" (or modesty) that makes him all the more appealing. And since Tom is taken, there's more than enough Tebow to go around!

Aside from the pop culture phenomenon that Tim Tebow, 24, has become (Tebowing, anyone?) we have a feeling that there is the definitely possibility Tebow will put up a good fight against the Patriots. Hey, everyone thought the Broncos were going to lose against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, and look what happened.

With the instant fame that has surrounded Tim comes crazy claims, so whether he’s rumored to be dating Katy Perry or heading to Dancing with the Stars this season, when it comes down to it, you can’t deny that he is a talented quarterback. Saturday’s game will prove to be an exciting one, and with two quarterbacks this gorgeous facing off, we’re all winners!



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  • guest

    tebow for the body, brady for the looks!

  • Becky D
    Becky D

    that's like asking a mother who her favorite child is---both are cuties!!!!

  • Joey D
    Joey D

    Um, is this for real? Since when were looks part of a QB's rating? This is why girls shouldn't be allowed to watch football. Tebow got his ass handed to him by a superior QB and two TE's that the Broncos had NO CLUE how to stop. Hernandez and Gratowski (sp) dry humped the Bronco D up and down the field all night. Honestly, thou the loss wasn't entirely tebows fault. His o line was horrendous and his WR/RB core looked like amateurs. The defense couldn't stop a light breeze, either. Looks like a patriots/giants Super Bowl rematch to me.

  • hollywoodpinata

    I think they are both cute!! My friends always get mad at me when i invite them over for sundaynight football and i start saying stuff like "who do you guys think is cuter..brady or tebow?." Then i ask who wants to wrestle with me in their underwear. At that point everyone gets really quiet and starts looking at their watches. ---hollywoodpinata. com

  • Dave

    I wish I was still that unattractive. That was fun. That was also 30 years ago, sadly....

  • Dave

    Mark is a good looking dude but he ain't playing today. I'm guessing that's the reason.

  • reply to
    reply to "lovverr"

    maybe because mark sanchez is unattractive and a sucky quarterback

  • lovverr

    why isn't mark sanchez in this?

  • lilybaby

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