100 Days of ‘Hunger Games’: New Still of Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket (PHOTO)

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Effie Trinket is known for her plethora of bizarre outfits, so we were a little disappointed when the Hunger Games trailer only showed one of Effie’s many outrageous outfits. Luckily for us, Lionsgate recently released a new still of Elizabeth Banks as the bubbly District 12 escort with an entirely new ensemble!

Although still sporting Effie’s signature pink hair, Banks looked like a completely different person in a geisha-inspired garb and a flowery headpiece. In fact, Elizabeth looked so different that the actress had to confirm that she was in fact hidden beneath all that make-up on Twitter. Banks tweeted:

It is indeed. RT @[email protected] is that you in the #CapitolCouture page? If so, u look awesome :D

Furthermore, Elizabeth’s new teaser photo marked the debut of CapitolCouture — Lionsgate’s official look at the fashions of the Capitol. Although the first issue has yet to launch, Banks’ stunning pink portrait gives us a sneak preview of what’s to come. Click the photo above to see more Effie and other Hunger Games stills!

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