Ricky Gervais’ 2012 Golden Globes One-Liners

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“Now where were we…”

It came as a bit of a surprise when it was announced that Ricky Gervais would host the Golden Globes Awards this year after his outlandish comments while hosting the two years prior. 

Beer in hand, Ricky lived up to his reputation this Sunday with his slew of one-liners that made all the A-listers gasp. 

Check out the funnyman’s best quips from the awards show. What is your take on Ricky’s risque humor? Does he take it too far, or do you admire his fearless jokes? Click through the gallery to see his best one-liners, then sound off in the comments!

A few of our favorite quips included: 

“I have a huge vocabulary, but a tiny penis.” 

“The only way [Justin Bieber] could have impregnated a girl is if he borrowed one of Martha Stewart‘s turkey basters.”

Helen Mirren, she’s dreadful. … She’s off the rails.”

“Please welcome the man who will literally wear anything Tim Burton tells him to, Johnny Depp.”

“You don’t need to thank your family. … Just thank the main two, God and your agent.”

“You’re so much better than last year’s audience. … There’s a pecking order here. TV stars around the edge, movie stars in the middle.”

Check out more classic Ricky moments below!