Brad Goreski Dishes on Red Carpet Fashion Emergencies (VIDEO)

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When it comes to styling for the red carpet, Brad Goreski is a certified pro.

So when Celebuzz bumped into him at this year’s Art of Elysum Heaven Gala, we just had ask about those scary fashion emergencies that sometimes occur at Hollywood events. What happens if there’s a rip at the seam, or a stain on the dress? 

“Cover it with your hand!”

But in all seriousness, little fashion accidents are nothing in Brad’s world.  

“Something like that, usually we can remedy that very quickly,” he told us.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was the latest celeb to suffer a wardrobe malfunction during the 2012 Golden Globes. The young starlet’s dress bursted open in the back just moments before she stepped onto the red carpet. She tweeted to fans:

“Only me. I’ll tell ya. Zipper blew on the carpet. I guess I ate too much,” she wrote, adding that she was “being sewn into it.”

It looks like Brad’s right — fashion emergencies can be fixed quickly! 

Check out more of his interview in the video above.