'Hunger Games' Book Club--Chapter 10 (VIDEO)

'Hunger Games' Trailer!
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Welcome back to Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! Today, check out chapter 10 of our book club. This marks part two of the book titled "The Games."

Peeta just professed his love for Katniss live during their TV interviews leaving her stunned to say the least.

Did he mean it? Is this just part of his strategy to play star-crossed lovers from district 12? Tweet me your thoughts, and click the video above to get in on the discussion!

Check out our most recent interview with Josh Hutcherson below, too!

Katniss Character Guide
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  • Leigha

    I wanna see this movie so bad, once I watch it I KNOW I'll have nothing to be excited for until "Catching Fire" starts getting filmed, AHHHHH <3

  • Shahreen Hoque
    Shahreen Hoque

    i can't wiat for the cave scene and rue!

  • Angie

    I kept on refreshing the page just to wait for this... -_- Hunger games is amazing and though its sad to say I am more than obsessed..... So first comment one minute after the upload not bad.... :)