Joe Jonas Makes Front Row Fashion Statement at Milan Fashion Week Menswear (PHOTOS)

Joe Jonas’ Wildest Suits
Joe Jonas shows off his style in these wild outfits.
Joe Jonas isn’t just an international pop star, he’s also a fashionisto! The solo JoBros. showed up at Calvin Klein’s runway show during Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012, wearing a very high fashion getup. 

Dressed in all black, Joe sat front row for the big show over the weekend! Tweeting from Milan, Italy, the singer wrote: “Having an amazing time at fashion week in Milan!!

This past summer, Joe chatted with Celebuzz and talked fashion following another trip to Milan Fashion Week! 

He said of his style endeavors, “I went to a Calvin Klein fashion show (during a previous Milan Fashion Week Menswear) and it was really cool to kind of understand that world of fashion and diving in was really fun. … They (Calvin Klein) wanna do some stuff, I wanna do some stuff with them. … So I’m looking forward to it.”

So what fashion tips does he have for all the guys out there? Joe told Celebuzz, “You just gotta be comfortable with what you wear, [but] just go out of your comfort zone on certain things. … You don’t want to be in super tight fitting clothes all the time, but if it’s a jacket and you say ‘I don’t know,’ try it out. It helps your creativity when you wear clothes.”

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